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1.  Migration from 1.11.x to 1.12.0

To be done on release date.

2.  What is new in 1.12.0

2.1  Core

  • Debugging levels: complete rework. They can now be set globally or individually (per process) using the debug MI command. More information here ...
  • Loadmodule statement ordering: eliminated! Modules can now be loaded in any order within the config script. Also added an easy module dependency specification logic for module developers! More information here ...

2.2  Script

2.3  Domain module

  • You can now specify attributes from the domain names that can be used later on from the script. More information here ...

2.4  Event_rabbitmq module

  • The rabbitmq module can now send messages to different exchanges . You can simply specify the exchange you want to use in the socket url. More information here ...

2.5  Drouting module

  • The drouting module can now be configured from given databases with the aid of partitions. Routing is now partition based: you may specify by which partition's rules you want to route certain messages. More information here...
  • Using the new MI function dr_status_reload you can get the time of the last "dr_reload" (update) for any partition. The feature is available even if you don't use partitions. More information here...

3.  Devel Plan 1.12 release (TODO list)

xxxxTMeven if decide to "go stateful" very early in your script (via t_newtran), all changes you do later over the request (in request route, branch route, failure route) must be updated/pushed into transaction and remembered at later processing
xxxxDIALOGre-INVITE based in-dialog pinging (with proper SDP handling)
xxxREGISTRARlookup() should have a flag to force lookup on all branches (and not only on RURI)
xxxDIALOGNew events for dialog matched, terminated, etc
xxxDIALOGcontrol profiles/variables DB storage - specify whether we want to ever dump the profies/variables in the DB or only on shutdown. Rethink the current design to see if is the best.
xxxUSRLOCdistributed storage via a NoSQL DB
xxxDIALOGdistributed storage via a NoSQL DB
xxxDIALOGbe able to end all dialogs belonging to a certain profile (MI only)
xxxUSRLOCwhen db is updated based on timer, combine multiple deletes in a single query
xxxRTPProxyadd ICE support for rtpproxy
xxxEvent Interfaceadd ZeroMQ support for Event Interface
xxxcoresend function (including from TM) should return a dedicated ret code to indicate network errors (failure in sending)
xxxcorefix insert_new_lump()/append_new_lump() logic throughout lumps_len()
xxxcoreonce fixed, replace all single anchor_lump()+insert_new_lump_{before,after}() calls with the simpler insert_new_lump() call
xxxnewIntegrate OpenSIPS with libpurple library for IM and Presence
xxTLS coreadd an internal API for TLS management to allow registration of certificates ; a new module to allow TLS certificates provisioning via DB (per domain, per IP, etc)
xxDROUTINGAllow the option to call do_routing with a particular number, but to propagate downstream a different number ( useful for number portability scenarios )
xxUSRLOCuse a single Primary Key (non SIP related) for DB ops
xxTMallow dynamic number of branches per transaction (on demand)
xxStatistics Interfacereplace the BIG LOCK (if other arch than i386) with multiple shared locks (to protect the values)
xxnewnew cachedb_virtual modules, similar to db_virtual, but for NoSQL databases
xxdb_virtualOpensips should be able to start even if db_virtual was not able to connect to all databases. So long as it can connect to at least 1 it should still work
xxB2BSupport for attended transfers on B2BUA
xxevent_datagramInstead of pushing events in text/plan format, to have also the options to pack the event in a json format -> easier to parse by the receiver
xxnewmi_xmlrpc to support also REST queries
xxnewsupport for RFC5626 - Managing Client-Initiated Connections in SIP
xnewnew module mi_stream to provide MI interaction via connection oriented links (TCP or fifo)
xnewRFC6140 Registration for Multiple Phone Numbers
xAVPOPSRegexp based filter for avp_db_load - what AVPs to be loaded
xcoreBe able to specify multiple keys with the "cache_fetch" MI command
xTMFlag to hide call-id for topology_hiding()

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