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1.  Migration from 2.3.x to 2.4.0

2.  What is new in 2.4.0

2.1  OpenSIPS script

  • "-f -" config file via stdin
  • new core function is_myself that tests if a host is a local address that OpenSIPS listens on
  • new core variable $af that returns the address family (IPv6 or IPv4) of the received SIP message
  • any script variable now supports comparison via the '==' and '!=' logical operators with IP addresses and netmasks (eg. $var(ip) == This tests whether the IP address in the variable matches the subnet given in the expression.

2.2  CACHEDB_REDIS module

  • OpenSIPS will now start even if Redis is unreachable. A new modparam, shutdown_on_error, can be enabled in order to revert to the old behavior.

2.3  RTPENGINE module

  • The rtpengine has support for two new parameters: in-iface and out-iface that can be used to specify which listening interface rtpengine should advertise when running in bridge mode.

2.4  RTPPROXY module

  • The rtpproxy module can now instruct the RTPProxy server to duplicate the stream RTP to a remote destination.

2.5  SIPREC module

  • The new SIPREC module in OpenSIPS 2.4 provides the means to do call recording to an external recorder using the SIPREC standard.

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