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1.  Migration from 2.4.x to 3.0.0

2.  What is new in 3.0.0

2.1  OpenSIPS script

  • new core pseudo-variable $hdr_name (details here) that returns the name of a SIP header at a given index.

2.2  TLS_MGM module

  • The mechanism for matching an incoming/outgoing TLS connection with a virtual TLS domain(both server and client) is now more flexible and relies on two new DB columns/module parameters: match_ip_address and match_ip_address.
  • Added TLS SNI(Server Name Indication) support for matching TLS server domains.
  • Added match_ip_address and match_sip_domain module parameters which accept a list of IP:port address and respectively, a list of FQDNs, that are used in the TLS domain matching process.
  • Added client_sip_domain_avp module parameter that the defines the AVP to use in the TLS client domain matching process.

2.3  AUTH_DB module

  • functions db_does_uri_exist(), db_is_to_authorized(), db_is_from_authorized() and db_get_auth_id() imported from the URI module

2.4  DB_MYSQL module

  • New module parameter: use_tls that allows the use of TLS for MySQL connections.
  • In order to enable TLS for a specific MySQL connection the syntax for DB URLs now supports the tls_domain=dom_name parameter.

2.5  DB_POSTGRES module

  • New module parameter: timeout that allows configuration of a timeout threshold for the PostgreSQL connections.

2.6  DROUTING module

  • New module parameter probing_socket to globally force a specific socket/listener for sending the SIP probing to the gateways.

2.7  SIPMSGOPS module

  • functions has_totag(), ruri_has_param(), ruri_has_param(), ruri_del_param(), ruri_tel2sip(), is_uri_user_e164() imported from the URI module.

2.8  URI module

  • function is_user() obsoleted as it can simply and more flexible be replaced with $au==$var(username)
  • functions has_totag(), uri_param(), add_uri_param(), del_uri_param(), tel2sip(), is_uri_user_e164() moved into the SIPMSGOPS module. Note that their names were slightly changes for a better understanding.
  • functions db_check_to(), db_check_from(), db_does_uri_exist(), db_get_auth_id() and all DB related module parameters moved to the AUTH_DB modules. Note that their names or prototypes may have been changed for a better integration.

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