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  1. 1. Release files from WEB site
  2. 2. Packages
  3. 3. Repository
    1. 3.1 GIT download
    2. 3.2 GIT download for OpenSIPS Experimental

OpenSIPS download area

Current stable releases are 2.4.2 (LTS), 2.3.5 and 2.2.7 (LTS).
Current development version is the master git branch.

1.  Release files from WEB site

For the latest stable releases, the tarballs with sources may be downloaded directly from the project web site:

Or you can browse all the available versions (tarballs with sources):

2.  Packages

Thanks to several maintainers, OpenSIPS packages for certain Operating System/Distributions are available for download also:

3.  Repository

3.1  GIT download

GIT clone of development head version 3.0.x (MASTER):

   # git clone opensips-head

GIT clone of latest stable release (2.4):

   # git clone -b 2.4 opensips-2.4

GIT clone of stable release (2.3):

   # git clone -b 2.3 opensips-2.3

Important: for developers, it is recommended to use the SSH git URL:

   git clone opensips_head

3.2  GIT download for OpenSIPS Experimental

To understand the purpose of OpenSIPS Experimental, please see its description (capabilities).

Code for OpenSIPS Experimental is available via GIT repository hosted on GitHub. To get a copy of the code, do:

   # git clone opensips_ng 
   # git clone opensips-ng
or over SSH:
   # git clone opensips-ng
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