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The testing of 1.6 release starts

The SVN trunk is freeze for preparing the 1.6 release - no more new code is allowed into SVN, but only fixes to the existing code.

I would like to thank to all people who contributed (in different way) to the new adds-on or enhancement in 1.6.

With this occasion I would like to publicly welcome the new developers who got involved in the OpenSIPS project:

  • Irina Maria Stanescu
  • Andrei Dragus
  • Razvan Pistolea

In the next weeks, a lot of effort will be put in testing and fixing the eventual bugs in the new 1.6 code. I welcome all of you to to start testing and reporting any issues related to the 1.6 code. Following this idea, I would like to thank to Thomas Gelf, who took the risk and start using 1.6 in real-traffic platforms and helped a lot with testing, debugging and fixing the code.

In the next days, the web page listing all the "goodies" in 1.6 ( will be update to reflect the new additions from the last days.

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