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New identity module

OpenSIPS 1.5.0 has a new module. The "identity" module is an implementation of SIP identity as per RFC 4474 :

Abstract (from RFC) :

   The existing security mechanisms in the Session Initiation Protocol
   (SIP) are inadequate for cryptographically assuring the identity of
   the end users that originate SIP requests, especially in an
   interdomain context.  This document defines a mechanism for securely
   identifying originators of SIP messages.  It does so by defining two
   new SIP header fields, Identity, for conveying a signature used for
   validating the identity, and Identity-Info, for conveying a reference
   to the certificate of the signer

This module was written and contributed by Alexander Christ (Cologne University of Applied Sciences) almost 2 years go. I took the code and refurbished it - updated it for OpenSIPS 1.5.0 and reworked the SIP header manipulation code (for creating, adding and searching SIP headers), an lot of other thinks.

Unfortunately Alexander was not interested in maintaining this module, so I took the job from him, and finally uploaded the module.

Documentation (with examples and scripts) is available on web site :


Please carefully read the "Limitation section" before using this module:


The next step (in the future releases) will be to work out these limitations.

Page last modified on February 10, 2009, at 09:27 PM