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OpenSIPS implements real load balancing

The Load-Balancer module comes to provide traffic routing based on load. Shortly, when OpenSIPS routes calls to a set of destinations, it is able to keep the load status (as number of ongoing calls) of each destination and to choose to route to the less loaded destination (at that moment). OpenSIPS is aware of the capacity of each destination - it is preconfigured with the maximum load accepted by the destinations.

To be more precise, when routing, OpenSIPS will consider the less loaded destination not the destination with the smallest number of ongoing calls, but the destination with the largest available slot.

The "load-balancing" functionality comes to enhance the "dispatcher" one. The difference comes in having or not load information about the destinations where you are routing to.

For more info, please refer to this tutorial.

Page last modified on May 09, 2013, at 04:29 PM