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OpenSIPS 1.5.0 is released

After almost 6 months from the last major release (1.4.0), OpenSIPS evolves with a new major release, 1.5.0.

OpenSIPS 1.5.0 comes with several critical improvements (DB area, Management Interface, dialog support), but also with new functionalities (like cache support, Load Balancing, PrePaid support, SIP Identity , Dynamic Routing, IP geo location, etc).

A complete compilation with all the additions and improvements is available for OpenSIPS 1.5.0 release.

Also, a manual for how to migrate/update from 1.4.x to 1.5.0 is now available on site.

Many thanks to all the people who got involved in this release (and in the overall OpenSIPS project) and contributed with code, with testing and debuging, with patches or reports, with support on the lists, help with packaging and documentation.

Thanks to all these people, OpenSIPS 1.5.0 is now available for download on project web site and SF download system.

The full Changelog is available here.

To get the OpenSIPS 1.5.0 version, see the Downloads page.

Page last modified on April 26, 2013, at 03:56 PM