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Pseudovariable implementation extended

The pseudovariable implementation has been extended with new operations to give more power to the script writer:

1. Added 2 new operations on pseudovariables values from the script:

Ex: $(avp(i:10)[1])=NULL.

2. Added one new function for avp: inserts a value to an avp set at a certain position

3. Added operations for set values of pseudovariables:

4. Added a new transformation: extract a parameter from a To like header

5. Added context meaning to pseudovariables - a new token added in front of the pv type name that specifies the context where the pv should be taken from The implementation is made general - with a mechanism of registering pv context functions, allowing for extensions and addition of custom contexts. For now there are 2 pv contexts: reply and request, registered by the tm module.

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