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The testing of 1.6 release starts

The SVN trunk is freeze for preparing the 1.6 release - no more new code is allowed into SVN, but only fixes to the existing code.

I would like to thank to all people who contributed (in different way) to the new adds-on or enhancement in 1.6.

With this occasion I would like to publicly welcome the new developers who got involved in the OpenSIPS project:

  • Irina Maria Stanescu
  • Andrei Dragus
  • Razvan Pistolea

In the next weeks, a lot of effort will be put in testing and fixing the eventual bugs in the new 1.6 code. I welcome all of you to to start testing and reporting any issues related to the 1.6 code. Following this idea, I would like to thank to Thomas Gelf, who took the risk and start using 1.6 in real-traffic platforms and helped a lot with testing, debugging and fixing the code.

In the next days, the web page listing all the "goodies" in Version 1.6 will be update to reflect the new additions from the last days.

Page last modified on May 09, 2013, at 04:36 PM