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OpenSIPS CP 3.0 is released

The release 3.0 for OpenSIPS Control Panel comes to support the latest release of OpenSIPS Server, OpenSIPS 1.6. OpenSIPS Control Panel 3.0 brings few important changes:

  • in core:
    • support for both MySQL and PostgresSQL database engines;
    • there has been implemented a global config DB file, which insures a default configuration for all modules, but the specific DB config files for each have been also preserved. This ensures a specific config for each module, if needed.
  • new features added - load balancing module support (DB operations, realtime inspection and control)
  • feature modification - permissions modules has now support for "address" table, instead of "trusted" table, as before.

Visit the SF and the project sites for downloading the sources or for more information.



Page last modified on November 13, 2009, at 05:31 PM