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OpenSIPs Documentation reworked

In the past weeks, we undertook a complex process of re-factoring the OpenSIPS documentation on the OpenSIPS web site.

The main targets of this re-factoring were:

  • enhancing docs by covering new areas like installing, configuring, db managing
  • creating an OpenSIPS Manual with a logic flow to help you with understanding OpenSIPS from downloading to scripting.
  • re-structuring in a per-version approach (you can jump across versions for the same topic) and with a "next" and "prev" linking (to go through documentation in a more fluid way).

The root of everything is http://opensips.org/Documentation/Manuals, please give it ride and let us know your opinion on this:

  • is it better than before ?
  • missing topics in manual ?
  • broken links ?

Feedback is welcomed and it we will make it matter ;)

Page last modified on May 31, 2013, at 03:54 PM