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Here is a very short summarize how to measure and some results of measurement. Comments are welcome:

Test setup

  • opensips will authenticate against RADIUS which runs on localhost and connects to a MySQL-Server on another subnet.
  • 2 XEN U-DOMs 512 MB RAM with SIPp v2.0.1
  • 1 XEN U-DOM 1024 MB RAM with opensips 1.5.0-notls
  • 1 MySQL-DB Server quad core 4 GB RAM
  • opensips with 10 childs

- db_mode=3 (no caching)

  • freeradius with 25 sql sockets and 8192 max_connects
  • sipp command line on sipp:

sipp -sf register.xml -inf user.csv sip.xxx.de -m 50000 -r 500 -nd

Test result

In my measurement I was not able to reach more than 500cps without bigger retransmissions. After changing to db_mode=2 it was possible to reach 900cps.

Page last modified on May 14, 2013, at 02:18 PM