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OpenSIPS Team

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu

Founder and Core Developer

IRC: bogdan_vs

TODO: talk about how he/she joined the project and what is his role in the project.

Răzvan Crainea

Core Developer

IRC: razvanc

Răzvan has joined the OpenSIPS project in the summer of 2010, as a junior C developer. Soon after familiarizing with the project and the VoIP world, he started working on key features such as CDR accounting, media proxy-ing, NAT handling, WebRTC, etc. After a couple of years he became one of the Core Developers of OpenSIPS, involved in the design and implementation of new features, as well as actively maintaining the existing ones. He is also in charge with preserving OpenSIPS compatibility with both newer and older Operating Systems. Throughout the years he was engaged in various OpenSIPS-based platforms development, gathering vast experience in VoIP development.

Liviu Chircu

Core Developer

IRC: liviuc

Full time VoIP engineer / software developer. Open-source enthusiast. Passionate about proper software design, code performance and the little bits and pieces which set the difference between good and great.

Liviu Chircu has been involved with OpenSIPS and the VoIP world for 5 years now. He is a software developer and VoIP consultant for OpenSIPS Solutions. He has extensive experience with OpenSIPS inner-workings, as well as deploying and troubleshooting various SIP setups involving OpenSIPS.

His speaker experience includes talks at the OpenSIPS Summits, as well as AstriCon and ClueCon.

Liviu also contributes with tech articles on the OpenSIPS blog.

Notable Community Members

Vlad Pătrașcu



Celeste Mangani


Nick Altman (or whatever)


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