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OpenSIPS 1.10.x is a stable release. It is recommended for production usage. Still, note that this branch reached the end of its life cycle and it is not maintained anymore (no more release and no more fixes)

OpenSIPS 1.10.4 is the latest release from 1.10 branch.

1.  OpenSIPS 1.10.4

Minor release (see Changelog from 1.10.3)
Release date: 2nd of April 2015

2.  OpenSIPS 1.10.3

Minor release (see Changelog from 1.10.2)
Release date: 15th of October 2014

3.  OpenSIPS 1.10.2

Minor release (see Changelog from 1.10.1)
Release date: 2nd of July 2014

4.  OpenSIPS 1.10.1

Minor release (see Changelog from 1.10.0)
Release date: 12th of March 2014

5.  OpenSIPS 1.10.0

Major release
Release date: 10th of September 2013
Beta-Release date : 5th of August 2013

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