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1.  What is new in 1.6.2 (versus 1.6.0)

Full Changelog can be found here.

1.1  Core

  • memory de-fragmentation support - OpenSIPS will automatically perform memory defragmentation (for both private and shared) when new chunks of memory cannot allocated. The defrag system is on demand, so the runtime overhead is almost 0.
  • $Tsm pseudo variable for returning milliseconds
  • fixed DNS-based failover - proper iteration through all the SRV records
  • proper handling of index 0 in pseudo-variables
  • improved behavior of script assignments: instead of failing the assignment if a NULL var is found in the right side, the NULL vars will be "cast" to "" or 0 (str/int) and force the assignment.

1.2  REGISTRAR module

  • new "f" flag added to save() function to force overwriting of old contacts with the new ones when max_contacts is reached.

1.3  DISPATCHER module

  • new parameter added ds_probing_sock to allow setting a specific socket to be used for sending the probing requests.

1.4  DROUTING module

1.5  ENUM module

1.6  NATHELPER module

  • "rtpproxy_timeout" has milliseconds accuracy
  • "set_rtp_proxy_set" function supports pseudo-variables, so proxy sets can be chosen dynamically

1.7  OSP module

  • Added IP port support for inbound/outbound IP addresses.
  • Added custom info support.
  • Added proxy_type for number portability.
  • Changed configuration option proxy_type to service_type.
  • Added operator name support in AuthReq and AuthRsp.
  • Added destination network ID in outbound URI.

1.8  TM module

  • added new flag (8) to t_relay() to control the propagation of the Reason hdr in the CANCEL requests.
  • "t_write_xxx()" functions fixed (parameter order)
  • new TM API function new_auto_dlg_uac() - an extension of new_dlg_uac() that takes care by itself to generate callid, from_tag, and cseq

1.9  MEDIAPROXY module

  • Added support for ICE negotiation. MediaProxy module will add necessary candidates so that ICE negotiation isn't broken when the SDP is mangled.
  • The IP in the RTCP line also needs to be mangled when MediaProxy

1.10  PRESENCE & PUA modules

  • fixes for BLA: prevent state loosing, fix ups for hold and pickup.
  • updated the database table pua - added another column

1.11  XMPP modules

  • removed the URI encoding mechanism from the XMPP gateway(now the gateway is transparent and the addresses of the buddies don't need any modification)
  • added the possibility to use the same domain name for SIP service and XMPP service(through the new module parameter - sip_domain)

1.12  B2B modules

  • new feature - possibility to define custom headers to be passed from the dialog of one side to the other (module parameter)
  • added support for handling REFER method at server ( extended the configuration possibility for the b2bua scenarios
  • improved the correlation between the received and the generated SIP message (fix to work with authentication)
  • fixed some issues: memory leaks, bad pointer connection between b2b_logic and b2b_entities, not strict enough checks for dialogs in b2b_entities
  • extended the methods accepted to pass through b2b (if not a method for which a scenario rule can be defined, do simple pass through)

1.13  RR module

  • strict routing processing fixed (header removal)

1.14  DIALOG module

  • fixed dialog creation when the dialog flag was not set (but using create_dialog() function only)
  • fixed dialog validation when leg has no contact stored (skip contact<>ruri check)
  • fixed dialog termination - if we fail to send BYE, trigger dialog termination directly

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