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1.  Migration from 3.5.x to 3.6.0

2.  What is new in 3.6.0

2.1  OpenSIPS script

  • s

2.2  OpenSIPS Core

  • Added the $return variable which can be used to retrieved the return value of the previously executed route.
  • Routes can return different variables through the return() function.
  • New {s.date2unix} transformation, for easily parsing and/or validating the RFC-3261 format of the SIP "Date" header

2.3  [NEW] EXAMPLE3 module


2.4  EXAMPLE module

2.5  DIALOG module

  • the $dlg_val variable now also accepts a dynamic name, e.g. $dlg_val($var(name)), where $var(name) = "branch-" + $T_branch_idx;

2.6  RTP_RELAY module

  • TODO add support for running routes de390432868

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