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OpenSIPS 3.2 philosophy

Deploying and running distributed SIP services in various clouds becomes more of a default approach in our days. For this reason, the OpenSIPS 3.2 upcoming release will focus on increasing OpenSIPS's ability to integrate with cloud specific services / backends and it will bring more OpenSIPS capabilities to build distributed (multi PoP/location/DC/zone) SIP services. After all the two concepts, of distributed architecture and in-cloud support, are going hand in hand - the biggest advantage of running in clouds is to possibility to organically scale and distribute.


Clustering engine

The Clustering engine in OpenSIPS 3.2 comes with several valuable enhancements, both for controlling the cluster topology and also addressing security aspects (like encryption). See this nice blog post for more and the “proto_bins” module docs.

Clustering more modules

The PUA (Presence User Agent) module, which handles the publishing of data from OpenSIPS within (like for BLF support), has now clustering support, see here the detailed description.

Cloud Support

We have here a collection of features very useful if you plan to run OpenSIPS in different clouds / distributed systems.

RTP re-anchoring

A new module named rtp_relay has been added in OpenSIPS that provides an interface for engaging different RTP relays servers (such as RTPProxy or RTPEngine) in a unified, simple manner. It also provides capabilities for RTP failover and/or balancing by migrating/re-anchoring the RTP call to a different RTP server.

Prometheus support

This is a new module that is able to export OpenSIPS Statistics to your Prometheus monitoring system using the new native prometheus in OpenSIPS. This support is ideal when you need to monitor a cluster of OpenSIPS’s

Kafka support

The module implements a new transport backend for the Event Interface that allows publishing events to Apache Kafka, so you can send events in distributed systems.. More information is available in the module’s documentation page or this blog post.


The 3.2 release comes with an extensive effort for re-working the TLS/SSL support in OpenSIPS, mainly because of the issues we have with openssl library.

So, the wolfssl was brought in as a replacement / alternative for the TLS/SSL support everywhere in OpenSIPS (SIP TLS, WSS, mysql, BIN, and other).

New modules are now available for providing and selecting the TLS/SSL support, such as tls_wolfssl and tls_openssl.

Also synchronous TLS communication is now available when the new tls_async module parameter is enabled. This makes all connections with other TLS SIP endpoints asynchronous, increasing the throughput of OpenSIPS 3.2.

Diameter support

The 3.2 makes the first official steps in the IMS direction, by adding the support the DIAMERTER module, for accounting and authentication in SIP.

Using the freeDiameter libraries, the new “aaa_diameter” OpenSIPS module is used for the moment to provide: Digest Authentication (via Diameter SIP Application “MAR” requests) and Accounting (via the standard Diameter Accounting application). See the module docs for more info!

B2B support

As a continuation of the work started in OpenSIPS 3.1, the B2B logic module has been restructured in order to drop the XML-driven logic in favor of OpenSIPS scripting with dedicated B2B routes and functions. For more information check this blog post or the new B2B tutorial.


Tracing to logs – tracing can now be done to a file or to syslog, by using the file and syslog trace_id types, a very handy feature if you need a quick and simple traffic tracing.

MI from script – a new mi_script module allows you to run MI commands from OpenSIPS script, a long time requested feature 🙂

Statistics series – provides you the ability of creating custom statistics that gather information for a specific time window (as opposed to the entire runtime).

Advanced Tracing – the trace() function can now do B2B aware tracing, correlation for tracing or tracing on caller/callee side only, see this blog post.


There are many many other changes with this release, and you can read about all of them in this detailed listing.

Page last modified on July 21, 2021, at 07:09 PM