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  1. 1. Goals
  2. 2. Conference
  3. 3. Expo

OpenSIPS project will be present at Astricon Conference and Expo Event on October 13-15, 2009, Glandale, Arizona, US ( ).

1.  Goals

The main goal (on the project side) is to make both opensips and asterisk community aware of the potential resulting from using together these two projects. How to build complex and scalable VoIP platform by combining (in different scenarios) OpenSIPS as SIP proxy and Asterisk as Media Server :

2.  Conference

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu ( Voice System CEO and founder OpenSIPS) will have a presentation about OpenSIPS projects, about various integration scenarios between OpenSIPS and Asterisk:

3.  Expo

Also, OpenSIPS project will be hosted in the Voice System booth #506 in the expo area:

Where you can meet people involved with the project.

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