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  1. 1. OpenSIPS presentations

OpenSIPS project attended to ClueCon on August 4-7, 2014 ( ), one of the most important VoIP events, both with presentations on OpenSIPS (and related) topics and with an one-day OpenSIPS Summit.

1.  OpenSIPS presentations

  1. From High Performance Memory Manger to Call Center support - OpenSIPS 1.11 by Bogdan - Andrei IANCU (OpenSIPS founder) - The story of OpenSIPS release 1.11 starting from the low level improvements (memory manager, transactions and dialog handling) up to high level functionalities (like Call Center support, Script Helper module).

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  1. Study case - how to build geographically distributed system with OpenSIPS by Vlad PAIU (OpenSIPS developer) - A step by step walk-through on how to build a geo-distributed system, all the way from load balancing between PoPs, distributing data between PoPs, replicating SIP data between OpenSIPS instances and building HA inside PoPs.

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