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This year, the OpenSIPS project will attend the FOSDEM conference in Bruxelles, on 1 & 2 February 2014. OpenSIPS will be represented by Răzvan CRAINEA and Vlad PAIU (OpenSIPS developers), which will hold a lightning talk about distributed SIP platforms and the latest advancements in OpenSIPS that make it easier to deploy geo-distributed OpenSIPS based platforms.

OpenSIPS presentation

  1. Distributed VoIP platforms with OpenSIPS - Vlad PAIU (OpenSIPS developer) - OpenSIPS at the core of a distributed and fully redundant VoIP platform. The latest additions in OpenSIPS make it an excellent choice for the core server of a distributed and highly available VoIP platform. OpenSIPS has support for a large variety of NoSQL backends that can be used to share data between different OpenSIPS instances ( MongoDB, Cassandra, CouchBase ). Furthermore, several mechanisms are in place that allow for real-time call information replication between two or more OpenSIPS servers, allowing for hot backups to be deployed, which ensure instant call recovery in case of failures, with 0 down time.
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