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  1. 1. Membership
  2. 2. Members and the Board
  3. 3. Foundation's rules
  4. 4. Resources

1.  Membership

Who should become a member of the OpenSIPS Software Foundation ?

How to become a member ?

2.  Members and the Board

The OSF members are running the foundation:

Also there is an OSF Board :

3.  Foundation's rules

The OSF is governed by meritocracy :

The day-to-day activities of the OSF mainly (but not limited to) consist of:

The decision making process is based on voting - during the Foundation's meetings, all members have the right to vote on the current topics. Based on a simple majority on "yes" or "no" votes, a decision is adopted or not.

4.  Resources

Contact email address : board at opensips dot org

Minute of the meetings : see Meetings web page

Mailing list for members only : foundation at lists dot opensips dot org

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