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  1. 1. Why to meet
  2. 2. When to meet
  3. 3. Where to meet
  4. 4. Who should attend
  5. 5. What to talk

Next Meeting: 30th of September 2015, see details

1.  Why to meet

During these meetings we plan to identify the burning issues that need to be addressed - issues may be technical (like tech work, features, improvements, contributions, etc) or management (lists, GIT, etc). NOTE: the meetings will only identify the issues, we DO NOT plan to resolve the issues during these meetings (who, when and how to solve the issues can be decided during the meetings).

2.  When to meet

Public meetings will be done on demand, whenever we find an interesting idea/subject to discuss with the community. The meetings will be prior announced with at least one week up front on all available communication channels (mailing lists, forums, IRC, etc).

3.  Where to meet

We will meet on the #opensips IRC channel hosted on Freenode.

4.  Who should attend

Anyone is welcome to formulate ideas or to contribute with solutions for the discussed items.

5.  What to talk

The meetings's topics will be provided by us and announced at least one week before the meeting. However, you are always welcome to propose new topics by emailing them to


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