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  1. 1. The Summit happened!
  2. 2. Headlines
  3. 3. What is OpenSIPS Summit ?
  4. 4. When and where
  5. 5. Who should attend ?
  6. 6. Schedule

1.  The Summit happened!

» YouTube OpenSIPS Playlist- video recording of the presentations
» Flickr OpenSIPS slideshow - collection of photos
» Summit Sessions - download presentations in PDF format

2.  Headlines

Register NOW and participate in the workshops!!

3.  What is OpenSIPS Summit ?

The OpenSIPS Summit is a semi-annual conference that focuses on providing the necessary knowledge to understand and use OpenSIPS. This is the only 100% OpenSIPS event. The summit is focused on:

4.  When and where

This is the first European OpenSIPS Summit for 2015. It is a two days event being held

on 12th to 13th of May 2015
at Westcord Fashion hotel (Fashion Lounge), Andreasplein, Amsterdam, NL MAP
on 12th of May in the evening we will have an OpenSIPS Social Event where everybody is welcome !

5.  Who should attend ?

Anyone interested in learning about OpenSIPS. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, the OpenSIPS Summit has something for you.

For beginners, get answers to questions like:

Seasoned professionals can:

6.  Schedule

Check out the event's list of speakers, topic and schedule

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