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Development: NewDesignStage1

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  1. 1. What is available
  2. 2. Where to get code
  3. 3. Configuration option
    1. 3.1 "core" section
    2. 3.2 "log" section
    3. 3.3 "net" section
    4. 3.4 "modules" section
  4. 4. Credits

1.  What is available

The current experimental implementation acts as a simple RURI-based (with full DNS resolving) SIP proxy/relay. UDP and TCP protocols are supported (with multiple interfaces). The routing logic is hardcoded (for the moment) to simply do RURI based forwarding in stateless mode (no transaction or dialog support yet).

Available functionalities:

According to the OpenSIPS New Design, the current implementation covers the OpenSIPS Core, layers L0 and L1 plus the DB support.

2.  Where to get code

Code is available via GIT repository hosted on SourceForge. To get a copy of the code, do:

    git clone git:// sip_server_2
    git clone ssh:// sip_server_2

Once you have the sources, you can simply compile by :

   make all


   make protos - compile only protocol libraries (TCP and UDP)
   make modules - compile only core modules (only mi_fifo for the moment)
   make - compile only core

Dependencies: compiling OpenSIPS Experimental core requires C-Ares library (and devel package) on your machine. Both lib and devel packages are widely available on all operating systems / distros.

If you encounter compiling/linking problems, please report to us via the devel mailing list.

A sample of config file is provided in the repository, under etc/opensips.cfg . To start opensips, do:

    ./opensips -f etc/opensips.cfg

3.  Configuration option

The configuration file is parameter oriented (not routing script here). The parameters are grouped in sections with the format:

   param1 = value
   param2 = value

   paramX = value

3.1  "core" section

3.2  "log" section

3.3  "net" section

3.4  "modules" section

4.  Credits

People involved in the developement of OpenSIPS Experimental (alphabetical order):

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