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Starting from the 14th of August, for one month, the alerts will be automatically sent on the "users" mailing list, so people can evaluate the value and implementation of this services. You do not need to subscribe or anything else - just follow the users mailing list (or archive).

1.  Overview

The OpenSIPS Alerts Service is a way to help you keep your OpenSIPS installation updated, safer and secure. Via this service you will receive realtime email alerts/notifications with a full and detailed description of issues and bugs that were found and fixed in OpenSIPS code.

This wants to offer a translation from the developer's language to the user's / operator's language - data will be taken from the public commits and emails (of the developers) and translated and detailed for operators understanding.

When a bug fix is made, the service will generate an alert that will contain a complete description as: severity of the bug, affected OpenSIPS version, affected scenarios, how to apply a fix. Shortly will provide answers to questions like : Should I care about this new fix ? Does it affect me ? How to update my installation.

2.  Who and Why should use it

The OpenSIPS Alerts Service is addressed mainly to user and operators (production systems) of OpenSIPS based platforms - shortly, it is addressed to anyone who whats to run and keep an up to date, safe and secure OpenSIPS installation

The information provided by the service is critical to operators because it is realtime, it is comprehensive and it is brought under his attention:

  • realtime - once a bug was fixed, it is immediately translated, detailed and send to subscribers. There is no need to waist time digging through emails, commit logs, etc ;
  • comprehensive - the fix is documented, explained and detailed (starting from the cryptic language of SVN commits), providing understandable information on the bug - if it affects you, how to apply a fix in no time, etc ;
  • readable - the description of the fix is done in a common language (easy to understand by all users), not polluted with highly technical or OpenSIPS internal terms (you do not have to be a developer familiar with OpenSIPS internal design and functioning.

3.  Examples

See some examples on how the commits logs look like and how the corresponding alerts look like:

4.  Why is it paid

The OpenSIPS Alerts Service is a paid service. You do not pay for getting access to information on bugs and fixes (you can get public access to that via SVN viewer, Bugs Tracker and Devel Mailing list). What you pay for is the realtime notification, translation and extensive documentation of the fixes.

The income from this service will be invested back into the project, like supporting developers for their work (especially focused on OpenSIPS 2.0 development) and covering expenses for running the project (server hosting, webinar program, etc).

Subscription fees:

  • $29 for one month subscription
  • $159 for 6 months subscription
  • $299 for one year subscription

5.  Subscribe to alerts

To start using the OpenSIPS Alerts Service, please visit the subscription form?.

6.  Your subscription status

To check the status (as remaining time) of your subscription (you must be subscribed to the service), use the status form .

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