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OpenSIPS is one of the most used Open Source SIP Servers in the world. It's routing millions of calls across the globe each day. It has been 100% Open Source and has been backed by a robust community for over 10 years.

Each year (this will be our 6th!) the community descends upon the beautiful city of Amsterdam and comes together to engage and learn about all the newest developments in OpenSIPS. Although the lineup of speakers and topics change with each year, all those attending walk away having captured important knowledge and insight into how OpenSIPS can be, and is being, used in some of the top companies in UCaaS and RTC. Experiencing first hand presentations on complex end-user deployments, high throughput infrastructure components, and the latest improvements to OpenSIPS is undoubtedly a "can't miss" experience for employees of carriers, telcos or ITSPs.

The OpenSIPS community is full of experts, developers, VoIP architects, and pioneers from all over the world! These same people are not only looking to share their knowledge with attendees, but also learn and gain knowledge from them as well. As an attendee, you can expect a melting pot of discussions ranging from new & emerging technology to sharing real world experiences and brainstorming on new trends. It is THE place for building bridges in the Open-Source VoIP & RTC ecosystem.

As the popularity of OpenSIPS grows and it becomes a de facto part of deployments, you will find conference attendees are drawn from many areas of business both technical and non-technical. They include CTOs, Lead Engineers and Technical decision makers from small, medium and large enterprises, corporations and organizations worldwide.

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More than 20 slots are available for speakers from all over the world, developers, managers/leaders or C-level. They will cover the 30 minutes slots with presentation over technical aspects, integration challenges or solution overviews. Their topics are not OpenSIPS centric, but also tackling other softwares, projects or technologies. After all conferencing session is a massive knowledge transfer, in terms of news, experience and solutions, from speakers to audience. The speakers are coming from both sides, from the developers side, as representatives of OSS projects, and from the users side, as implementers and integrators of VoIP & RTC solutions.

Design Clinics are informal whiteboard discussions that give you the opportunity to explain your situation, in detail, to an OpenSIPS Expert. It is your chance to talk regarding your project or application and receive their opinions and perspectives on the best strategy to your concerns and suggestions for solutions you may not have considered. Design Clinics are one to one conversations with the help of a whiteboard.

Within one hour slots, a VoIP & RTC guru runs for you a realtime demonstrations for a real-life topics. The most important aspect of these demos is to explain from A to Z all the needed details and steps - editing config file, running in consoles, capturing live traffic, scenario testing and others. Under the eyes of the audience, the guru starts from scratch in order to build and run his demos, interacting with people by questions, answers and debates.

An eight hours of OpenSIPS Training with the core developers team of the project. Each year, a different advanced topic is selected and packed as an hands-on training, with a structure of 50% theoretical and 50% practical/labs sessions. Topics covered in the past years are Advanced FreeSWITCH Integration/Front-ending, Building OpenSIPS Clusters and OpenSIPS Security.

Meet and discuss with representative people from various Open Source project or from Industry companies. The coffee breaks and the Networking Lounge offer to all our attendees excellent oportunities to extend and strength their relationships with other key people from the VoIP & RTC world. Looking for latest news? Or for ingenious solutions? Or for people for work with? This is the right place to be!

Key people from various areas and various companies & projects are present to the OpenSIPS Summit. Pick up the right people and do a brainstorming session to talk over your ideas and challenges. Valuable input as experience or roadmaps may be provided from both sides, from the developers side and also from the users/integrators side.

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Radisson Blu Hotel

Rusland 17, 1012 CK Amsterdam, Netherlands

Aug/Sept, 2020

09:00 AM – 05:00 PM

+20 International Speakers

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Free Lunch & Snacks

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Location: RadissonBlu Hotel

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Location: Radisson Blu Hotel

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not a Developer. Is this for me?
Absolutely! Our conference is based on technical and telecom subjects, but with its absolutely laid back atmosphere it attempts to bring together and aggregate newcomers, intermediates and experts to exchange experience. Some developers will come to network, while other participants come to learn and we make sure there's always something for everyone.
Quite the opposite! Everyone is welcome at the Summit to learn, teach or exchange their experiences. Our content will provide you with plenty of reasoning, use-cases technical and otherwise, and material to learn more about OpenSIPS and its key features and strengths. Be warned though, as you might make a few friends in the process!
Get in touch today with summit@opensips.org to reach our leads. Thanks for considering helping our Event and Open-Source software!
Depending on your purchase selection, the Ticket might include Conference access, Training sessions, or both. Details are available on the purchase page. Please do contact our staff to require clarifications anytime at summit@opensips.org
How can I submit a talk proposal?
Thanks for your interest! Official applications should be submitted via the following link: https://www.papercall.io/opensips-summit-2020
We accept Major Credit Cards as well as Paypal for most purchases. In case of need, please do contact our staff anytime for special arragements.
Our venue is right in the city center and just a 10-15 minutes walk from Amsterdam Central Station, itself just 15-20 minutea away from Schipol Airport by Train or Taxi. For detailed instructions, you can call the Radisson Blue in Rusland 17, Amsterdam at +31206231231
We're here for You. Get in touch today with summit@opensips.org to reach our leads






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