cachedb_sql Module

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Table of Contents

1. Admin Guide
1.1. Overview
1.2. Advantages
1.3. Limitations
1.4. Dependencies
1.4.1. OpenSIPS Modules
1.4.2. External Libraries or Applications
1.5. Exported Parameters
1.5.1. db_url (string)
1.5.2. db_table (string)
1.5.3. key_column (string)
1.5.4. value_column (string)
1.5.5. counter_column (string)
1.5.6. expires_column (string)
1.5.7. cache_clean_period (int)
1.5.8. Exported Functions

List of Examples

1.1. Set db_url parameter
1.2. Usage example
1.3. Set db_url parameter
1.4. Set key_column parameter
1.5. Set value_column parameter
1.6. Set counter_column parameter
1.7. Set expires_column parameter
1.8. Set cache_clean_period parameter

Chapter 1. Admin Guide

1.1. Overview

This module is an implementation of a cache system designed to work with a regular SQL-based server. It uses the internal DB interface to connect to the back-end, and also implements the Key-Value interface exported from the core.

1.2. Advantages

  • memory costs are no longer on the server

  • the cache is 100% persistent. A restart of OpenSIPS server will not affect the DB. The DB is also persistent so it can also be restarted without loss of information.

  • Multiple OpenSIPS instances can easily share key-value information via a regular SQL-based database

1.3. Limitations

  • The module's counter operations ( ADD and SUB ) are currently only supported by MySQL

1.4. Dependencies

1.4.1. OpenSIPS Modules


1.4.2. External Libraries or Applications

The following libraries or applications must be installed before running OpenSIPS with this module loaded:

  • none:

1.5. Exported Parameters

1.5.1. db_url (string)

The url of the Database that OpenSIPS will connect to in order to use the from script cache_store,cache_fetch, etc operations.

Example 1.1. Set db_url parameter

modparam("cachedb_sql", "db_url","mysql://localhost/my_database");

Example 1.2. Usage example

cache_store("sql","key","$ru value");

1.5.2. db_table (string)

The table of the Database that OpenSIPS will connect to in order to use the from script cache_store,cache_fetch, etc operations.

Example 1.3. Set db_url parameter

modparam("cachedb_sql", "db_table","my_table");

1.5.3. key_column (string)

The column where the key will be stored

Example 1.4. Set key_column parameter

modparam("cachedb_sql", "key_column","some_name");

1.5.4. value_column (string)

The column where the value will be stored

Example 1.5. Set value_column parameter

modparam("cachedb_sql", "value_column","some_name");

1.5.5. counter_column (string)

The column where the counter value will be stored

Example 1.6. Set counter_column parameter

modparam("cachedb_sql", "counter_column","some_name");

1.5.6. expires_column (string)

The column where the expires will be stored

Example 1.7. Set expires_column parameter

modparam("cachedb_sql", "expires_column","some_name");

1.5.7. cache_clean_period (int)

The interval in seconds at which the expired keys will be removed from the database. Default value is 60 ( seconds )

Example 1.8. Set cache_clean_period parameter

modparam("cachedb_sql", "cache_clean_period",10);

1.5.8. Exported Functions

The module does not export functions to be used in configuration script.