mi_http Module

Table of Contents

1. Admin Guide
1.1. Overview
1.2. To-do
1.3. Dependencies
1.3.1. OpenSIPS Modules
1.4. Exported Parameters
1.4.1. mi_http_root(string)
1.4.2. mi_http_method(integer)
1.5. Exported Functions
1.6. Known issues
2. Contributors
2.1. By Commit Statistics
2.2. By Commit Activity
3. Documentation
3.1. Contributors

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2.1. Top contributors by DevScore(1), authored commits(2) and lines added/removed(3)
2.2. Most recently active contributors(1) to this module

List of Examples

1.1. Set mi_http_root parameter
1.2. Set mi_http_method parameter

Chapter1.Admin Guide


This module provides an HTTP transport layer implementation for OpenSIPS's Management Interface.


Features to be added in the future:

  • possibility to authenticate connections.


1.3.1.OpenSIPS Modules

The following modules must be loaded before this module:

  • httpd module.

1.4.Exported Parameters


Specifies the root path for mi http requests. The link to the mi web interface must be constructed using the following patern: http://[opensips_IP]:[opensips_mi_port]/[mi_http_root]

The default value is "mi".

Example1.1.Set mi_http_root parameter

modparam("mi_http", "mi_http_root", "opensips_mi")


Specifies the HTTP request method to be used:

  • 0 - use GET HTTP request

  • 1 - use POST HTTP request

The default value is 0.

Example1.2.Set mi_http_method parameter

modparam("mi_http", "mi_http_method", 1)

1.5.Exported Functions

No function exported to be used from configuration file.

1.6.Known issues

Commands with large responses (like ul_dump) will fail if the configured size of the httpd buffer is to small (or if there isn't enough pkg memory configured).

Future realeases of the httpd and mi_httpd modules will address this issue.


2.1.By Commit Statistics

Table2.1.Top contributors by DevScore(1), authored commits(2) and lines added/removed(3)

NameDevScoreCommitsLines ++Lines --
1. Ovidiu Sas (@ovidiusas)60292222691
2. Bogdan-Andrei Iancu (@bogdan-iancu)8610743
3. Liviu Chircu (@liviuchircu)752133
4. Razvan Crainea (@razvancrainea)42186
5. Vlad Paiu (@vladpaiu)2101

(1) DevScore = author_commits + author_lines_added / (project_lines_added / project_commits) + author_lines_deleted / (project_lines_deleted / project_commits)

(2) including any documentation-related commits, excluding merge commits. Regarding imported patches/code, we do our best to count the work on behalf of the proper owner, as per the "fix_authors" and "mod_renames" arrays in opensips/doc/build-contrib.sh. If you identify any patches/commits which do not get properly attributed to you, please submit a pull request which extends "fix_authors" and/or "mod_renames".

(3) ignoring whitespace edits, renamed files and auto-generated files

2.2.By Commit Activity

Table2.2.Most recently active contributors(1) to this module

NameCommit Activity
1. Bogdan-Andrei Iancu (@bogdan-iancu)Dec 2011 - Jan 2019
2. Liviu Chircu (@liviuchircu)Jul 2014 - Jun 2018
3. Vlad Paiu (@vladpaiu)Jan 2016 - Jan 2016
4. Razvan Crainea (@razvancrainea)Mar 2015 - Aug 2015
5. Ovidiu Sas (@ovidiusas)Oct 2011 - Mar 2015

(1) including any documentation-related commits, excluding merge commits



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