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Development -> Sand Box -> Dynamic Routing

Involved Modules:

  1. LCR
  2. Drouting
  3. CarrierRoute
  4. Dispatcher

1.  Step 1 - upload Drouting module

See: http://lists.opensips.org/pipermail/users/2008-October/000699.html

Done (bogdan)

2.  Step 2 - Replace LCR with DR

Routing functionalities: Identify the routing functionalities that are in LCR and not in DR in order to migrate them

Found so far:

  1. to_gws() function has as correspondent in Drouting the [http://www.opensips.org/html/docs/modules/1.5.x/drouting.html#id272560 | goes_to_gw()]] function.

Contact manipulation functionalities: Branch serialization - load_contacts() and next_contacts() are to be replaces with the more generic core functions serialize_branches() and next_branches().

Done (bogdan)

3.  Step 3 - Carrierroute and DR merging?

Investigate how carrierroute is different from DR and if the two modules cannot be merged together.

4.  Migration path from lcr to drouting

Create a wiki section explaining what are the steps to migrate a working install from lcr to drouting.


Emmanuel: I fully agree.

I suggest also that the new DR module can trigger route selections.
Bogdan: It does - for each rule, if matched, a script route can be triggered.

evadregnis: This is a great direction! Each has good features but you can only use one to choose the destination(s). It would be great to incorporate options for load balancing including both calls per second and concurrent calls (requiring use of dialog mod).

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