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The OpenSIPS Devel Documentation section is a compilation of tutorials, documents and other materials about how to do code development for OpenSIPS - this if for people who want to develop (C development) new modules or functionalities for OpenSIPS 1.x.

The tutorial aims to present and familiarize developers with the internals of OpenSIPS both core and modules. During the tutorial you will get a real example of how to build a new module (with DB, MI, variables, events, etc) from A to Z.

This is an hands-on tutorial, so the only materials presented are to be the schematics (whiteboard drawings) and the C code of OpenSIPS - there is a highly technical course, so do not expect slideshows ;) .

OpenSIPS Devel Tutorial

  1. Devel Course Session 1
  2. Devel Course Session 2
  3. Devel Course Session 3
  4. Devel Course Session 4
  5. Devel Course Session 5
  6. Devel Course Session 6
  7. Devel Course Session 7

OpenSIPS Devel Course Playlist (YouTube)

  1. OpenSIPS Devel Course Playlist

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