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Last Summit - 9th-10th of November 2015, Austin, TX

1.  What is OpenSIPS Summit ?

The OpenSIPS Summit is a conferencing event that aims to provide the necessary knowledge to understand and use OpenSIPS. It is a 100% OpenSIPS event focused on:

  • presenting what OpenSIPS is
  • what is OpenSIPS place in SIP environments, integration considerations
  • usage scenarios for OpenSIPS
  • real case studies with OpenSIPS
  • open discussions on OpenSIPS matters
  • open talks on future directions for OpenSIPS

2.  Who should attend ?

If you are looking to discover, understand and evaluate OpenSIPS, the OpenSIPS Summit is the right place to be. We will answer questions such as:

  1. what OpenSIPS can do for my SIP network
  2. what are the capabilities, features and limits of OpenSIPS
  3. how to extend, expand and enhance my SIP service with OpenSIPS

3.  Dates and places

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