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1.  What is the OpenSIPS Summit ?

The OpenSIPS Summit is a conferencing event that aims to provide the necessary knowledge to understand and use OpenSIPS. It is a 100% OpenSIPS event focused on:

  • presenting what OpenSIPS is
  • what is OpenSIPS place in SIP environments, integration considerations
  • usage scenarios for OpenSIPS
  • real case studies with OpenSIPS
  • open discussions on OpenSIPS matters
  • open talks on future directions for OpenSIPS

2.  Who should attend ?

Anyone interested in learning about OpenSIPS. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, the OpenSIPS Summit has something for you.

For beginners, get answers to questions like:

  • why OpenSIPS is the right choice for your network
  • what are the capabilities, features and limits of OpenSIPS
  • how to extend, expand and enhance your SIP service with OpenSIPS

Seasoned professionals can:

  • Learn about new modules and features
  • Discuss advanced topics
  • Discuss the development roadmap for OpenSIPS

3.  How does it look like ?

Here are couple of images from our past events:

More? See our photo albums and video playlists:

» YouTube OpenSIPS Playlists- video recording of the presentations
» Flickr OpenSIPS slideshow - collection of photos

4.  Dates and places

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