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The goal of OSF is to provide an open framework for encouraging contributions that help OpenSIPS project flourish. The OSF is not technical related and will complement the software development activities of the project.

What is the OSF

The OpenSIPS Software Foundation (OSF) is a non-profit organization with the main goals of:

  • taking care of organizational aspects (allocating resources, participation to public events)
  • making OpenSIPS known (public relations, packaging with various distributions, articles/blogs)
  • transparently handling financial resources for the benefit of the project (donations, paying for project costs)
  • taking care of legal aspects (protecting OpenSIPS name and rights, protecting from external abuses)

Legal representation

The OpenSIPS Software Foundation is registered as a non profit organization named Stichting OpenSIPS Software Foundation under the law of the Netherlands at Chamber of Commerce of Amsterdam with number 34369431. The founding members are Bogdan-Andrei Iancu, Flavio Goncalves and Adrian Georgescu.

The OSF - who and how

The foundation is run by the OSF members - community people who think they can contribute and help the OpenSIPS project, people who decide to get more involved into the project; in the end, the OSF is run by the OpenSIPS community. The members run the actual activities of the foundation; for administrative affairs, the OSF members will periodically elect a Board to be incharge. A more detailed explanation of how the OSF works in terms of day to day operations is available, with a goal of offering help on understanding how the Foundation works to all the people who are ready to join.

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