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  1. Exported Parameters
  2. Module Readme

Exported Parameters

  • db_url: database URL
  • xcap_table: the name of the database table where the xcap documents are stored
  • force_active: flag used to disable privacy authorization checking. If set to 1, all subscriptions will be allowed.
  • pidf_manipulation: flag to enable the features described in RFC 4827. It gives the possibility to have a permanent state notified to the users even in the case in which the phone is not online. The presence document is taken from the xcap server and aggregated together with the other presence information, if any exist, for each Notify that is sent to the watchers. It is also possible to have information notified even if not issuing any Publish (useful for services such as email, SMS, MMS).
  • integrated_xcap_server: parameter used to indicate that an integrated_xcap_server is used; this means that the communication interface used id database table 'xcap' and not HTTP.
  • xcap_server: the address of the XCAP server userd for storage

Module Readme

You can read the module's documentation here .

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