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  1. 1. OpenSIPS - Getting Started
  2. 2. Topology Hiding with OpenSIPS
  3. 3. Accounting in OpenSIPS
  4. 4. Easier scripting with the script_helper module
  5. 5. Call Recording using SIPREC
  6. 6. Fraud detection with OpenSIPS 2.1
  7. 7. Message compression and compaction
  8. 8. Emergency calls using OpenSIPS
  9. 9. WebSocket and WebSocketSecure Integration with OpenSIPS
  10. 10. Dynamic Routing with Failover
  11. 11. B2BUA
  12. 12. Presence Agent
  13. 13. Load-Balancing
  14. 14. Key-Value Interface
  15. 15. Event Interface
  16. 16. MemCache Usage
  17. 17. OpenSIPS - FreeSwitch Media Integration
  18. 18. Realtime OpenSIPS - Asterisk Integration
  19. 19. Concurrent calls limitation
  20. 20. TLS setup
  21. 21. Perl module usage
    1. 21.1 Example: replace 183 early media reply with 180 (Ringing)
  22. 22. A basic tutorial on RADIUS
  23. 23. OpenSIPS with Radius support
  24. 24. OpenSIPS and MediaProxy
  25. 25. OpenSIPS and MSRP integration
  26. 26. How to install opensips in Red Hat EL 5
  27. 27. SIP Redirect with script
  28. 28. OpenSIPS and fail2ban
  29. 29. OpenSIPS, CentOS and MI_XMLRPC
  30. 30. OpenSIPS Tutorials from SmartVox
  31. 31. Distributed Load-Balancing with OpenSIPS and Redis (Spanish)
  32. 32. OpenSIPS and OpenXCAP Tutorial
  33. 33. Voice Transcoding with OpenSIPS and Sangoma D-series cards
  34. 34. Scaling registrations with an OpenSIPS mid-registrar
  35. 35. How To Configure a "Federated" User Location Cluster
  36. 36. How To Configure "Full Sharing" User Location Clusters
  37. 37. Authentication and Accounting Using Diameter
  38. 38. Cross-compiling
  39. 39. RCS: Managing Capabilities
  40. 40. Sending and Processing Diameter Requests

1.  OpenSIPS - Getting Started

A crash course about how to do a quick installation of OpenSIPS ( downloading sources, compiling, installing, etc ) and OpenSIPS Control Panel ( installing, provisioning users ), and have a fully functional platform in a matter of minutes.

ver 1.8.x

2.  Topology Hiding with OpenSIPS

Short introduction on configuring and using the topology_hiding module in OpenSIPS

ver 2.1

3.  Accounting in OpenSIPS

Unveils how SIP accounting works in OpenSIPS, from basic to complex scenarios with custom CDRs and multi-leg accounting for call forwarding. Everything is backed up by detailed explanations and working scripts examples.

2.2 & 2.3

4.  Easier scripting with the script_helper module

Module description and a complete usage example

ver 1.11

5.  Call Recording using SIPREC

This tutorial shows you how you can do call recording using the SIPREC standard.

ver 2.4

6.  Fraud detection with OpenSIPS 2.1

Description of the new module along with a complete usage example

ver 2.1ver 3.1

7.  Message compression and compaction

Module description and a complete usage example

ver 2.1

8.  Emergency calls using OpenSIPS

Architecture design and complete usage examples

ver 2.1latest ver

9.  WebSocket and WebSocketSecure Integration with OpenSIPS

How to add Websocket, and Websocket Secure (2.2+ only) capabilities to your existing OpenSIPS deployment.

ver 2.2  ver 2.1  ver older than 2.1

10.  Dynamic Routing with Failover

How to configure OpenSips to route phone calls based on the dialed number. This is a detailed tutorial on how to use the drouting module with mysql and includes failover support. It does not include load balancing.

ver 1.6.x

11.  B2BUA

Which is the architecture of the B2BUA implementation, how to define service scenario documents and how to configure OpenSIPS to offer B2BUA services.

ver 1.6.xver older than 3.2ver 3.2.x

12.  Presence Agent

Presence Agent - design and configuration of Presence Agent in OpenSIPS

latest ver

13.  Load-Balancing

How to use the load-balancing module from OpenSIPS to do traffic routing based on the real load of the destinations.

ver 1.5.x  ver 1.9.x

14.  Key-Value Interface

How to use the Key-Value interface in OpenSIPS in order to store, persistently or not, key-value information

latest ver

15.  Event Interface

How to use OpenSIPS Event Interface in order to send events to external applications.

ver 1.8.x  latest ver

16.  MemCache Usage

How to use the memcache support in OpenSIPS in order to reduce the number of DB queries (authentication for example)

ver 1.5.x

17.  OpenSIPS - FreeSwitch Media Integration

This tutorial presents the concept and implementation of a realtime integration of OpenSIPS SIP server and FreeSWITCH media server. OpenSIPS is used a SIP server, while the purpose of FreeSWITCH is to provide a full set of media services - like voicemail, conference, announcements, etc

ver 1.8.x

18.  Realtime OpenSIPS - Asterisk Integration

How to implement a realtime integration of OpenSIPS SIP server and Asterisk media server for Voicemail, conference and announcement services.

ver 1.5.x  ver 1.8.x

19.  Concurrent calls limitation

How to control in OpenSIPS how many concurrent calls a user is allow to do.

ver 1.5.xver 1.8.x

20.  TLS setup

How to compile and configure the TLS support in OpenSIPS / OpenSER - script example included

ver 1.2.x  ver 1.3.x  ver 1.4.x  ver 1.5.x  ver 2.1.xver 2.2.x

21.  Perl module usage

21.1  Example: replace 183 early media reply with 180 (Ringing)

Example script showing how to replace SIP status replies on the fly, as this is not (yet?) possible within the OpenSIPS routing script: Replace 183 early media reply with 180 (Ringing)

22.  A basic tutorial on RADIUS

How to install, configure, integrate and use FreeRADIUS server and Radiusclient-ng with OpenSIPS modules for accounting and authorization.

ver 1.6.x

23.  OpenSIPS with Radius support

OpenSIPS with MySQL and FreeRADIUS integration and installation/configuration :

ver 1.5.x

24.  OpenSIPS and MediaProxy

MediaProxy 2.3.x and OpenSIPS 1.5.x Integration:

ver 1.5.x

How to provide ICE end-to-end NAT traversal support for RTP streams

25.  OpenSIPS and MSRP integration

26.  How to install opensips in Red Hat EL 5

How to install opensips 1.5 in a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 platform with Mysql Support:

ver 1.5.x

27.  SIP Redirect with script

How setup OpenSIPS as a SIP redirect using a external script - also restricting base on ip address: Please note since I am new to OpenSIPS this may need be cleaned up a bit.

ver 1.6.x

28.  OpenSIPS and fail2ban

This is a small tutorial so you can use fail2ban together with opensips to block via firewall the attackers that are using wrong authentication credentials

ver 2.4

29.  OpenSIPS, CentOS and MI_XMLRPC

Small tutorial on how to compile OpenSIPS or CentOS. It includes a vauable tip on how to compile correctly the MI_XMLRPC module.

ver 1.6.3

30.  OpenSIPS Tutorials from SmartVox

A compilation of various tutorials covering topics like software installation (including MediaProxy on CentOS), authentication, clustering and comparing OpenSIPS with Asterisk provided by SmartVox, thanks to John Quick.

Tutorial's Home Page

31.  Distributed Load-Balancing with OpenSIPS and Redis (Spanish)

How to configure a cluster of OpenSIPS load balancers which communicates via Redis (in Spanish thanks to VozToVoice).

ver 1.8.2

32.  OpenSIPS and OpenXCAP Tutorial

A standalone Presence Agent tutorial using OpenSIPS and OpenXCAP provided by AG Projects.

Tutorial Page

33.  Voice Transcoding with OpenSIPS and Sangoma D-series cards

Performing audio transcoding using OpenSIPS and Sangoma hardware

ver 1.10

34.  Scaling registrations with an OpenSIPS mid-registrar

How to integrate an OpenSIPS mid-registrar with your VoIP platform, allowing it to keep growing!

ver 2.3

35.  How To Configure a "Federated" User Location Cluster

Everything about federated user location clustering: setup, configuration, routing, NAT traversal and HA!

ver 2.4

36.  How To Configure "Full Sharing" User Location Clusters

Detailed explanations and configuration examples on some essential "full sharing" user location setups

ver 2.4

37.  Authentication and Accounting Using Diameter

How to configure and deploy the aaa_diameter module and the "app_opensips" freeDiameter application

ver 3.2

38.  Cross-compiling

How to cross-compile OpenSIPS

ver 3.2

39.  RCS: Managing Capabilities

String processing techniques for dealing with large lists of RCS capabilities

ver 3.3

40.  Sending and Processing Diameter Requests

How to script Diameter Client and/or Server interactions for IMS Networks

ver 3.5

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