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The Bug Hunt Contest is a weekly challenge for the OpenSIPS Community to catch nasty bugs. All issues will be recorded and the person who reports the "ugliest" bug will get an official OpenSIPS T-shirt along with our true gratitude.

Edition 05.05.2015 - 07.05.2015

Reported bugs (ordered by report time):

Winner: Dan Bogos (@danbogos)

NameIRC Nick / @github_nickBug DescriptionFix Description
Dan Bogos@danbogosACC events were not properly raised when setting the CDR flagPrevent acc module from checking the CDR flag when plain ACC is used (Issue #495)
Dan Bogos@danbogosWhen replies from libcurl come too fast, they are lost.Fixed the bug by explicitly handle fast replies (Issue #493)
AndrewD@andrewD123OpenSIPS generates segmentation fault when building a CANCEL messageDo not pass the stored reply when building a CANCEL message (Issue #500)

Edition 28.04.2015 - 04.05.2015

Reported bugs (ordered by report time):

Winner: Jock McKechnie (@jockmckechnie)

NameIRC Nick / @github_nickBug DescriptionFix Description
Jock McKechnie@jockmckechniedbtext module is returning the rows in reversed orderChange the dbtext database driver to preserve the order of the entries (Issue #479)

Edition 21.04.2015 - 27.04.2015

Reported bugs (ordered by report time):

Winner: Hamid Elaosta (alias_neo)

NameIRC Nick / @github_nickBug DescriptionFix Description
Hamid Elaostaalias_neo / @hamid-elaostaMessage format error for rtpproxy timeout notificationFix the bug that was overwriting the notification buffers (Issue #469)

Edition 14.04.2015 - 20.04.2015

Reported bugs (ordered by report time):

Winner: Jonathan Hulme (@digipigeon)

NameIRC Nick / @github_nickBug DescriptionFix Description
Jonathan Hulme@digipigeonCDRs are not generated when not using DB backendAlways populate the created avp (Issue #460/3ac458f)
Rob Gagnon@rgagnon24get_redirects() did not properly send the value of reason to the accounting functionproperly sends the reason to the accounting function as pv_elem_t, instead of the acc_param (PR #422)
Hamid Elaostaalias_neo / @hamid-elaostaOpenSIPS is not turning down calls when RTPProxy times outproperly parse the timeout notification from RTPProxy (c26a4a3)

Edition 07.04.2015 - 13.04.2015

Reported bugs (ordered by report time):

Winner: Bernard Buitenhuis (@bbuitenhuis)

NameIRC Nick / @github_nickBug DescriptionFix Description
Satish Patel@satishdotpateldlg_list with no callid crashes OpenSIPSVerify parameters length (Issue #462)
Kelvin WilliamsQbYrport and received are not preserved when doing topology hidingMaintain rport and received in VIA header of replies when doing topology hiding (fa2f5f6)
Eric TammelirakisIncoming request automatically get outbound proto setDo not set the outbound protocol for preloaded routes (b8c0740)
Bernard Buitenhuis@bbuitenhuisfork=no crashes OpenSIPSProperly start OpenSIPS in no-fork mode (dbf2aec)

Edition 31.03.2015 - 06.04.2015

Winner: Olivermt (@olivermt)

Reported bugs (ordered by report time):

NameIRC Nick / @github_nickBug DescriptionFix Description
Eric TammelirakisCompile warning on particular flex versionsfixed flex sub version check for isatty() definition ((PR #444))
Rik Broers@Hydrosinestrange (yet harmless) startup flag-related errorsflag fixups: fix a sign conversion bug (bc160a7b)
Rik Broers@Hydrosineincorrect log error messageremove sip proto restriction from usage message (Issue #447)
@olivermt@olivermtforce_send_socket() outgoing transport protocol buguse the proto of the forced socket (ac8c2e68)
Eric Werkhoven-is_present_hf() bug with pseudo-variablesfix bad buffer management bug (445d90bc)

Edition 23.03.2015 - 30.03.2015

Winner: Eric Tamme(lirakis)

Reported bugs (ordered by report time):

NameNickBug DescriptionFix Description
Eric TammelirakisWhen usinig the TLS protocol, data is not sent to the proper file descriptorUpdate the SSL library with the TCP main socket before running SSL_Shutdown (bfbb5bb)
Eric TammelirakisTLS protocol does not handle CRLFCRLF ping-pongsImplement code that handles CRLFCRLF ping-ping (f3b03dc)
Peter Kellyp3k4yWhen connecting to a TCP peer, send fails with (9) Bad file descriptorChange the connect*() functions to return the file descriptor (a305152)

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