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OpenSIPS project was present at Amoocon (Former AsteriskTag) on May 4th - 5th, 2009 ( http://www.amoocon.de ).

Two hot topic were present, real-life cases like how to do real Load-balancing (using the new load-balancer module) for media servers, and how do deploy Presence based Services..

The presentation were help by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu.

1.  Clustering anf Load balancing Media Servers

1.1 Abstracts

Staring with version 1.5.0, OpenSIPS has the ability to perform real load balancing between heterogeneous peers. Peers can provide different sets of resources (like voicemail, transcoding, gatewaying, conferencing, etc).

For a call requiring a set of resources, OpenSIPS can determine which is the peer that can compete the call, keep the level load on the system.

The load-balancing mechanism is dynamic, can be tuned during runtime and also peers can provide feedback to the load-balancer in regards to their current load or changes in capacity.

See also http://www.amoocon.de/talks/8 .

1.2  Download

The presentation can be downloaded in PDF format from OpenSIPS web site also.

2.  Delivering Presence to end-users

2.1  Abstracts

The combined solution of OpenSIPS and OpenXCAP provides today the reference SIP SIMPLE server implementation. Feature rich services are ready to be provided to end-users.

The Workshop will guide you through all the scenarios you can implement by using SIP Services. What you can create, what you can deliver and what you can gain by building SIP Presence-based services.

SIP Presence is not only about delivering presence status. It is about building and delivering real-life service: about XCAP (permissions, rules, control over the presence info), about virtual presence (injecting presence data in your system for sharing information ), about the Buddy Lists, about Resource List Servers (RLS), about XMPP/GTalk integration, about advanced services (BLA/SLA, dialog info).

Presence is already here following joined testing and interops, OpenSIPS, OpenXCAP and Nokia can deliver complete Presence solutions Nokia S60 mobile terminals are fully compatible with the OpenSIPs presence agent. Find out more about this cooperation and how you can master presence from your mobile phone.

See also http://www.amoocon.de/talks/46 .

2.2  Download

The presentation can be downloaded in PDF format from OpenSIPS web site also.

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