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OpenSIPS project will be present at ClueCon on August 3-5, 2010 ( http://www.cluecon.com ).

The topic to be present is about programmability and clustering of OpenSIPS - the new design of OpenSIPS (2.0 design) brings a radical new approach on how a SIP server is architectured, on how you can program a SIP service, on how you can scale SIP networks.

Two most important concepts are addressed by OpenSIPS 2.0:

  • horizontal scalability having a complete separation between the SIP stack and the routing logic (service implementation), OpenSIPS 2.0 will natively allow clustering of multiple independent stacks(POPs) into a single distributed service logic.
  • service programming the routing logic (service implementation) is a separate entity that can be implemented in any high-level

language (python, perl, java), enabling an easy service creation (no custom configuration) and natural integration (as application) into larger service platform.

OpenSIPS 2.0 is about efficiency, about simplicity and about integration.

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