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'''OpenSIPS''' project attended to ClueCon on August 7-9, 2012 ( ), one of the most important VoIP events, both with presentations on '''OpenSIPS''' (and related) topics and with an one-day '''Workshop Event''' for '''OpenSIPS'''.

!!! OpenSIPS presentation

# '''Distributed SIP clusters with OpenSIPS''' by Bogdan - Andrei IANCU (OpenSIPS founder) - How to build a geo-distributed clusters to provide a homogeneous SIP service. Multiple active PoPs are bridged together to share and sync information between. Using the latest OpenSIPS capabilities (shared caches, data replication, inter-signaling), you can build a cluster based architecture to allow you to distribute, to scale and to be redundant.
[[|Download Presentation]]

# '''Securing your SIP network with OpenSIPS - detection, prevention and control''' by Vlad PAIU (OpenSIPS developer) - How to turn your OpenSIPS into a security Swiss Army Knife. Using the latest OpenSIPS functionalities to detect attacks (floods, authentication, injections, hijacking), to report and take self-protection actions and to control damage. How to use AI to build patterns and profiles for detecting distributed attacks.
[[|Download Presentation]]

# '''Who cares about VoIP''' by Pete Kelly (Localphone) - Tagline could be: How open source VoIP solutions have evolved from a consumer point of view over the last 5 years.
[[|Download Presentation]]

!!! OpenSIPS Workshop

Monday August of 6th - a full one-day '''OpenSIPS Workshop''' covering updates, live-tutorials and open discussions on various topics.\\
The event will be conducted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu, Flavio Goncalves and Vlad Paiu

!!!! Workshop Content

# '''Applications and Solutions''' (1.5 h)
** OpenSIPS usage scenarios
** Scalability and integration

# '''Where we stand''' (1.5 h)
** Presenting 1.8.0 - new features
** Demo on setting OpenSIPS up via graphical interface in 5 minutes
** Presenting the OpenISPS 2.0 status

# '''Open Discussion / thematic workshops''' (3h-5h)
** Load Balancing FreeSwitch Servers (1h)
** Improving security for Sip Servers (1h)
** Trunking solutions (Topology Hiding, Routing, Failover) (1h)
** OpenSIPS Clustering using REDIS (1h)
** SBC like solutions (1h)

!!!! Registration


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