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This year, the OpenSIPS project will attend the FOSDEM conference in Bruxelles, on 2 & 3 February 2013. OpenSIPS will be represented by Răzvan CRAINEA, Vlad PAIU (OpenSIPS developers) and Saúl Ibarra CORRETGÉ (AG Projects), which will discuss about distributed SIP platforms, monitoring and integration topics. The presentations will be hold in the telephony devroom, room H.1309.

OpenSIPS presentation

  1. OpenSIPS at the core of a distributed and maintainable VoIP platform - Răzvan CRAINEA and Vlad PAIU (OpenSIPS developers) - How to build a geographically distributed platform with OpenSIPS, concerning scallability, security, monitoring and integration issues.
  2. SIP is hard, let's go shopping! - Saúl Ibarra CORRETGÉ (AG Projects) - SIP is the de facto protocol for VoIP these days. It's now 10 years old and there are many extensions to it, which have turned it into a complex beast which it not always easy to manage. Should we dump it?! Join me and let's go shopping to find the proper protocol for solving some of the well known problems in SIP.
  3. From SIP to XMPP and vice versa - Saúl Ibarra CORRETGÉ (AG Projects) - Throughout the course of time several gateways have been built to convert SIP to XMPP (and the other way around) but never in a fully transparent way. SylkServer implements a transparent gateway for SIP and XMPP. It's Open Source and during the talk I'll comment on its design, what advantages it has and what problems had to be solved.

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