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Community -> PublicMeetings -> 28th of January 2015


  • Wednesday, 28th of January 2015, at 17:00 EET (link here)
  • IRC, #opensips channel on Freennode


Organize OpenSIPS Resources

In the near future we are planning to release some extra resources that the community can use to improve the project's experience:

  1. Blog: a new blog where we will write about different challenges we faced and how/whether we found a solution.
  2. Wiki: a wiki-based platform where you all can add different ideas, tutorials and other interesting resources for the community.

During this public meeting we are planning to discuss about how to integrate all our resources (repo, site, wiki, blog) in a unified manner. The goal is for anyone in the community to have easy and straight-forward access to all project's resources, through a single identifier.


  1. Docs, tutorial and other usefull stuff pulled out from opensips.org and moved in a wiki (wiki.opensips.org). Mediawiki is a good idea with a MarkDown plugin
  2. Use a unified login system for all resources (most likely GitHub OAuth)
  3. Add a new blog engine (blog.opensips.org)
  4. Adding a forum will split the information in two, so it is not worth it.
  5. We need a method to search within the mailing list archives
  6. Add a "Get Help" page with a step by step "how to"

IRC Logs

16:58 <     razvanc>| Hey guys!
16:58 <     razvanc>| the first Public meeting this year is about to start :)
17:01            --- | bogdan_vs has changed the topic to: OpenSIPS monthly meeting in progress
17:01 <    BernardB>| Hello :)
17:01 <      saghul>| Ahoi!
17:02 <@  bogdan_vs>| Hi everyone !
17:02 <     razvanc>| hello there!
17:02 <@  bogdan_vs>| OK, let's try to keep < 1 hours, so let's get it started
17:02 <     razvanc>| Today's meeting we'll be discussing about how to organize OpenSIPS resources
17:03 <     razvanc>| you can find a short description about the topic here: http://www.opensips.org/Community/IRCmeeting20150128
17:03 <@  bogdan_vs>| shortly : right now we have only the web site
17:04 <@  bogdan_vs>| which is wiki based and probably few people know they can edit content there
17:04 <     lirakis>| lol - yeah i had no idea it was a wiki
17:04 <@  bogdan_vs>| it is not too intuitive imho to have the entire site editable....people get scare
17:04 <     lirakis>| sure
17:04 <@  bogdan_vs>| lirakis: exactly
17:04 <     lirakis>| the modules docs are generated from whats in the git repo though ... correct?
17:05 <      liviuc>| correct
17:05 <@  bogdan_vs>| and we intend to add more resources
17:05 <     lirakis>| ok
17:05 <@  bogdan_vs>| like a blog
17:05 <    BernardB>| I think an 'wiki' department would really give some added value
17:05 <@  bogdan_vs>| pastebin like maybe
17:05 <    BernardB>| maybe to get some tutorials
17:05 <@  bogdan_vs>| true
17:05 <    BernardB>| a forum?
17:06 <@  bogdan_vs>| maybe, before we had one on SF, but collided with the mailing lists
17:06 <     lirakis>| i think a forum ... might be problematic
17:06 <      saghul>| 90s called, they want their forums back :-)
17:06 <     lirakis>| difficut to moderate
17:06 <    BernardB>| haha, true, but a forum is a good alternative to 'slow chat'
17:07 <      ccjaph>| I like the perlmonks site style, it's a little dated but provides a comunity forum
17:07 <     lirakis>| lots of people saying "plz help me with my proxy. i want to make skype clone."
17:07 <@  bogdan_vs>| :)
17:07 <     lirakis>| i mean i like forums ... but they can be tough to "keep clean"
17:07 <    BernardB>| but what is currently the place to put your opensips problems?
17:08 <      saghul>| how about the new kid in town? discourse
17:08 <    BernardB>| I'm not always happy to post to the user-list
17:08 <@  bogdan_vs>| BernardB: the mailing list :)
17:08 <     razvanc>| BernardB: why not?
17:08 <@  bogdan_vs>| why not ?
17:08 <     lirakis>| i actually dont like the mailing lists ...
17:08 <    BernardB>| I don't know really why
17:08 <      saghul>| FYI: http://www.discourse.org/
17:08 <     lirakis>| if i subscribe to it ... i get tons of emails i dont want
17:09 <    BernardB>| but mailing is like a doorstep
17:09 <@  bogdan_vs>| I cannot promise, but we do not have witches or bad wolfs there ;)
17:09 <     razvanc>| lirakis: why not :)? What else would you use?
17:09 <    BernardB>| lirakis: currenlty I don't see many mails
17:09 <@  bogdan_vs>| (in the mailing lists)
17:09 <    lirakis> | razvanc, i do like forums better honestly, i find them easier to "consume" the information I want, and easier to contribute to
17:10 <    BernardB>| discourse looks like a forum in 2.0 webstyle
17:10 <     lirakis>| but i agree with bogdan ... having both mailing + forums is not good
17:10 <     lirakis>| too much collision
17:10 <      saghul>| lirakis: agreed!
17:10 <     razvanc>| saghul: that looks like a forum to me :)
17:11 <     saghul> | razvanc: it's forums-ng! not that I like it, just throwing out ideas :-)
17:11 <    BernardB>| a wiki editable by users is a really good idea, but isn't handy for discussions
17:11 <     lirakis>| yeah ... i think making some "section" of the site, a more defined "wiki" is a good idea
17:11 <@  bogdan_vs>| BernardB: here is the forum we had on SF site - https://sourceforge.net/p/opensips/discussion/839860/
17:11 <     lirakis>| so people can contribute tutorials etc.
17:11 <@  bogdan_vs>| not much of an activity ....
17:11 <@  bogdan_vs>| so the plan (in regards to the web site)  is to split it
17:12 <@  bogdan_vs>| keep the core as non editable (for users)....
17:12 <@  bogdan_vs>| and add an wiki.opensips.org
17:12 <     lirakis>| sounds like a good plan
17:12 <@  bogdan_vs>| for managing tutorials, contributions, etc
17:12 <    BernardB>| bogdan_vs: I don't think everybody looks on SF
17:13 <     lirakis>| i agree ... the forums on SF are not easy to find etc.
17:13 <@  bogdan_vs>| BernardB: that was an example of failed experiment with forums :)
17:13 <      saghul>| SF is dead really
17:13 <     lirakis>| any who
17:13 <     lirakis>| yeah i agree .. SF is dead heh
17:13 <@  bogdan_vs>| in regards to wiki.opensips.org...
17:13 <@  bogdan_vs>| user will need access
17:13 <@  bogdan_vs>| also they will need for the blog
17:14 <@  bogdan_vs>| and for the github
17:14 <@  bogdan_vs>| etc..
17:14 <@  bogdan_vs>| key question is - can we do a single login for all ?
17:14 <    BernardB>| that should be the best
17:14 <     lirakis>| OATH with github account?
17:14 <    BernardB>| I guess github has an API for authorisation?
17:14 <    BernardB>| lirakis: like that :)
17:15 <     lirakis>| if we have to OATH with anything ... i think github makes the most sense
17:15 <     lirakis>| please no google+ or facebook
17:15 <     lirakis>| lol
17:15 <@  bogdan_vs>| lirakis: does GH supports OATH ?
17:15 <    BernardB>| https://developer.github.com/v3/oauth/
17:15 <      liviuc>| yes, it does
17:15 <@  bogdan_vs>| as we can do a single login, and it will be more friendly for the users
17:15 <@  bogdan_vs>| no need to create endless accounts...
17:15 <      saghul>| if we go with a standalone wiki, the one on GH should be disabled
17:16 <      saghul>| it's empty now
17:16 <@  bogdan_vs>| true...
17:16 <@  bogdan_vs>| we were looking at mediawiki...if not wrong...
17:17 <     razvanc>| we were thinking of either mediawiki or dokuwiki
17:17 <@  bogdan_vs>| as a popular and easy to use wiki engine
17:17 <     razvanc>| any experience with them?
17:17 <     lirakis>| ive used mediawiki before
17:17 <     lirakis>| i mean its what wikipedia uses right ? so people are familiar with how it works
17:17 <      saghul>| MarkDown seems to have won the markup languages war
17:17 <      saghul>| maybe something that can be edited in MarkDown?
17:18 <     lirakis>| i think that mediawiki can be ...
17:18 <     lirakis>| i think thats its default ... i cant remember
17:18 <     lirakis>| if not .. i thought that was "pluggable"
17:18 < OliverTynes>| if its done right,  a wiki on github is very good, especially because its so easy to cross reference with the code (for more in-depth explanation of stuff)
17:18 <      saghul>| lirakis: http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:MarkdownSyntax
17:18 <     razvanc>| lirakis: yes, it seems pluggable
17:19 <      saghul>| the plugin doesn't seem to be maintained though
17:20 <@  bogdan_vs>| OliverTynes: I prefer not to re-invent the wheel, but external resources are hard to be "visible" for the users
17:20 <@  bogdan_vs>| does mediawiki have a OAUTH plugin ?
17:20 <     lirakis>| i dont think there is huge value in having the wiki ON github personally
17:21 <     lirakis>| yes
17:21 <     lirakis>| that apeears to be maintained as well
17:21 <     lirakis>| http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:OATHAuth
17:21 <     razvanc>| saghul: http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:MarkdownExtraParser
17:21 <     razvanc>| this seems to be maintained, although it is beta
17:22 <      saghul>| aha
17:22 <     lirakis>| well really the bottom line is that mediawiki is a familiar "look and feel" to people b/c of how popular wikipedia is
17:22 <     lirakis>| IMO
17:23 <     razvanc>| what do you say about dokuwiki?
17:23 <     razvanc>| there's also a markdown pluging for it
17:24 <     lirakis>| i actually dont know much about docuwiki
17:24 <     lirakis>| i know that the search functionality on older mediawiki SUCKED lol
17:24 <     lirakis>| im not sure if its better now
17:24 <      saghul>| it's not only how familiar users are with the looks, but how easy it is for them to use it
17:24 <      liviuc>| ^
17:24 <      saghul>| use it as in, edit it and add content
17:24 <     razvanc>| let's see which one has a wysiwyg plugin
17:25 <     razvanc>| I find that important for adding content
17:25 <     lirakis>| i know mediawiki does
17:25 <    BernardB>| mediawiki has some more plugins I guess
17:25 <     lirakis>| i set up a mediawiki for my previous company - and people who were not technical had to be able to edit and contribute to it
17:25 <      saghul>| ok, now, assuming good content goes in, there needs to be a "curator", so that it doesn't rot
17:26 <     lirakis>| yeah a big problem with wiki's
17:26 <@  bogdan_vs>| any volunteers  ? :D
17:26 <@  bogdan_vs>| (just joking)
17:27 <     razvanc>| bogdan_vs: were you :)?
17:27 <@  bogdan_vs>| well, I gave it a try, you never know :)
17:27 <@  bogdan_vs>| so what we have so far:
17:28 <@  bogdan_vs>| 1) wiki.opensips.org pulled out from opensips.org to contain docs, tutorial, users stuff
17:28 <    brettnem>| Hey all
17:28 <@  bogdan_vs>| 2) maybe using mediawiki
17:28 <     lirakis>| sorry got an IM
17:28 <     lirakis>| bogdan_vs, im happy to help out as much as i can with wiki maintenance
17:29 <@  bogdan_vs>| 3) using some unified login system
17:29 <@  bogdan_vs>| (for wiki, GH, blog, etc)
17:29 <@  bogdan_vs>| 4) install a blogging engine
17:29 <@  bogdan_vs>| lirakis: thanks, we can see when getting there
17:30 <     lirakis>| so ... re:blog
17:30 <@  bogdan_vs>| we were chatting in the office and we find the idea of a blog useful
17:30 <     lirakis>| would this supplant the "news" section
17:30 <@  bogdan_vs>| some place were ideas can be shared and discussed
17:31 <@  bogdan_vs>| different kind of ideas... can be about devel, about docs, about tests, etc
17:31 <     lirakis>| ok
17:32 <@  bogdan_vs>| basically the blog may be a "catch all" for what is not a news, not a tutorial, etc
17:32 <     lirakis>| gotcha
17:32 <@  bogdan_vs>| if doesn't fit anywhere -> it goes to the blog
17:32 <@  bogdan_vs>| :)
17:33 <@  bogdan_vs>| the question is : what other resources are missing ?
17:33 <@  bogdan_vs>| I suppose the forum concept is dropped
17:33 <     lirakis>| i mean i think webpage + wiki + blog + github is a pretty good set
17:33 <     lirakis>| yeah i think forums would ... split the efforts too much
17:34 <     lirakis>| wiki is a better place to focus
17:35 <@  bogdan_vs>| indeed, there is not a huge volume of discussions, so ideally we should keep them focused
17:37 <    brettnem>| Splitting discussions between a mailing list and forum I think is too confusing
17:37 <     lirakis>| yes
17:38 <    brettnem>| GH also has a lot of these resources built in
17:38 <     lirakis>| yes - def. for issues etc.
17:38 <     lirakis>| and i think that SHOULD be linked from the site
17:38 <     lirakis>| etc.
17:39 <@  bogdan_vs>| IMHO, GH should keep devel related tools only...not more than that
17:39 <    BernardB>| :)
17:39 <     lirakis>| yeah - i think the "issues" stuff should be ... source code
17:39 <     lirakis>| not like "how does load balancer work"
17:39 <    brettnem>| Right
17:39 <@  bogdan_vs>| well, it is ....it is promoted and used for code issues only
17:40 <     lirakis>| right
17:40 <     lirakis>| thats all i meant
17:40 <    brettnem>| Questions like that should be on the wiki. We answer a lot of questions like that on the list and really a lot of those answers would  be good to record on wiki
17:40 <    brettnem>| Not sure what a good workflow for that would be
17:41 <@  bogdan_vs>| the idea is good - the most asked questions to end up documented (answered) on wiki
17:41 <     lirakis>| brettnem, i think questions like that shoudl be on the list ... but common questions get documented
17:41 <      saghul>| as an FAQ?
17:42 <@  bogdan_vs>| we have the FAQ section even now, but not actively maintained
17:42 <     lirakis>| nah .. just as tutorials or whatever
17:42 <    brettnem>| Yeah but it's easy for even common q's to just easily answered in the list instead of hard copied into a FAQ
17:42 <@  bogdan_vs>| http://www.opensips.org/Documentation/TipsFAQ
17:42 <     lirakis>| common use casses
17:42 <     lirakis>| more than just FAQ
17:43 <@  bogdan_vs>| I guess it is not so obvious to users that they actually can post on that page too
17:44 <@  bogdan_vs>| but, (coming from a person answering to questions), yes, a better FAQ should simplify and reduce the work
17:45 <     razvanc>| I agree, answering emails should be more like pointing to the right resources
17:46 <@  bogdan_vs>| maybe a way to encourage people to search the ML archives
17:46 <     lirakis>| i need to sort out my mailing list subs
17:46 <     lirakis>| i cant figure out which email account i sub'd on
17:46 <     lirakis>| and now i cant respond from my current email client setup lol
17:47 <@  bogdan_vs>| lirakis: give me some options and I can check it for you ;)
17:47 <     lirakis>| heh ok
17:47 <     lirakis>| ill pm
17:47 <    brettnem>| I think people have been pretty hesitant to post on those pages
17:48 <     lirakis>| brettnem, i had no idea i could contribute to the website at all
17:48 <     lirakis>| so i think making a seperate "wiki" will help with that
17:48 <    brettnem>| I think those of us answering questions probably need to step up and immortalize them on a FAQ
17:48 <      liviuc>| opensips.org just doesn't feel like a playground site - maybe that's the reason
17:48 <     lirakis>| yeah ^
17:48 <    brettnem>| I tend to agree
17:48 <      liviuc>| as soon as you're on wiki.xxxxx, you feel you can contribute
17:48 <    brettnem>| I wouldn't mind contributing to FAQ
17:49 <    brettnem>| Like as stuff comes up. I've been a bit MIA lately but I'd love to help
17:49 <    brettnem>| A FAQ engine that allowed questions to be asked would be neat
17:49 <    brettnem>| Like How Amazon lets you ask questions
17:50 <    brettnem>| And then community members can submit multiple answers. I guess like stack exchange
17:50 <    brettnem>| But.. I don't want to necessarily split the effort of the mailing list
17:50 <    brettnem>| Not sure what the right balance is
17:51 <     lirakis>| i think the wiki is a great idea - its not "duplicated work" IMO
17:51 <@  bogdan_vs>| or like stackoverflow ?
17:51 <@  bogdan_vs>| (but that's more like a forum)
17:51 <     lirakis>| its documented - so that on the mailing list ... you can answer a question and say "yes you can do XYZ here is a tutorial wiki.opensips.org/xyz"
17:51 <     razvanc>| I think that's what http://www.discourse.org/ is
17:51 <      liviuc>| statistically speaking, there are very few opensips questions on stackoverflow
17:51 <    brettnem>| Yeah like stackoverflow
17:52 <      liviuc>| like 3 / month :)
17:52 <     lirakis>| i think thats too much like a forum
17:52 <     lirakis>| and that would be duplicated work
17:52 <     razvanc>| yes
17:52 <    brettnem>| Yeah.. Hrm
17:52 <@  bogdan_vs>| fair
17:52 <     lirakis>| i think wiki + mailing list is good IMO
17:52 <     razvanc>| it's not actually duplicated work, it's just split :)
17:52 <     lirakis>| like i said in my example
17:53 <     lirakis>| true ... its fragmented
17:53 <    brettnem>| Searching list for answers is a mess tho. Especially for newbies
17:53 <     lirakis>| yes - so they can check out wiki.opensips.org
17:53 <     razvanc>| I totally agree that the ML archive is hard to search into
17:53 <     lirakis>| most supernubes probably arent on the mailing lists at all
17:53 <      liviuc>| +1 ...
17:53 <     razvanc>| but I don't think a forum like mechanism will improve this at all
17:54 <    brettnem>| Well I'd be happy to step up and help contribute to a FAQ as questions come up
17:54 <    brettnem>| I don't really like a forum
17:54 <     lirakis>| i would also be happy to contribute to a wiki
17:54 <    brettnem>| But I like being able to submit questions
17:55 <    brettnem>| Maybe submitted questions can be approved answered and added to FAQ  shrug
17:55 <@  bogdan_vs>| maybe integrating in a better and more visible way the ML archive
17:55 <@  bogdan_vs>| with a built in search
17:55 <     razvanc>| bogdan_vs: that would be nice to have
17:55 <    brettnem>| There are lots of ML searchers tho already
17:56 <@  bogdan_vs>| I mean something more than the rudimentary web mailman offers
17:56 <     razvanc>| brettnem: yes, but I was saying we should integrate that somewhere we can easily access
17:56 <     lirakis>| like .. from the site?
17:56 <     razvanc>| yes, both site and wiki
17:57 <     lirakis>| "got questions - search our mailing list archives [____________________] "
17:57 <    brettnem>| Submit question:________
17:57 <    brettnem>| Answered questions : <list>
17:57 <    brettnem>| :)
17:57 <    brettnem>| Maybe too much work
17:57 <@  bogdan_vs>| on the "get help" page, we can have a step by step "how to"
17:58 <@  bogdan_vs>| have a question ?
17:58 <@  bogdan_vs>| 1) check the FAQ
17:58 <@  bogdan_vs>| 2) search the ML archive
17:58 <@  bogdan_vs>| 3) ask on ML
17:58 <@  bogdan_vs>| or something like that
17:58 <    brettnem>| I think it's really just going to come down to is to maintain it manually
17:59 <    brettnem>| Because no one else is asking questions outside of ML as evidenced by stackoverflow
17:59 <    brettnem>| Q's will continue to arrive raw on the list
17:59 <      Binan1>| what about something like "OpenSIPS" magazine which can be published periodically and contains good quality articles, use cases, news,.....
18:00 <@  bogdan_vs>| well, in some case you will have to give the RTFM or RTFL
18:00 <    brettnem>| Opensips magazine
18:00 <@  bogdan_vs>| hmm interesting....
18:00 <@  bogdan_vs>| maybe something like that can be integrated into the blog ?
18:00 <    brettnem>| We could just be like the asterisk guys and abuse people who actually have the nerve to ask questions
18:00 <    brettnem>| I kid ... I kid
18:01 <@  bogdan_vs>| Binan1: several people may post on the blog, so it may be like articles
18:02 <     lirakis>| Binan1, you have the funding for such a thing - if so, id be happy to be considered for chief editor
18:02 <     lirakis>| :P
18:02 <      liviuc>| I think a good main site front page (with news) + news mailing list are enough for someone who wants to stay updated with the project
18:03 <     lirakis>| well that and github + hooks
18:03 <     lirakis>| i find that is actually a great way to keep informed personally
18:03 <     lirakis>| seeing new commits etc.
18:03 <      liviuc>| true, good one
18:03 <      liviuc>| also, we could have the "News" section be auto-updated with every new blog post -> more blog awareness
18:04 <     lirakis>| well we are rolling around to 1 hour here
18:04 <     lirakis>| any closing thoughts wrap up bogdan_vs etc.?
18:04 <@  bogdan_vs>| yes, time too
18:05 <@  bogdan_vs>| yes, time to
18:05 <     razvanc>| I wrote down the ideas we discussed today here
18:05 <@  bogdan_vs>| I think it was a productive discussion, thanks to the input from you all
18:05 <     razvanc>| http://www.opensips.org/Community/IRCmeeting20150128
18:05 <     lirakis>| ok great - thanks again for organizing the public meetings
18:05 <    brettnem>| Thanks guys :)
18:06 <     razvanc>| thank you all for attending
18:06 <@  bogdan_vs>| we will try to do a summary and some plan out of this discussion
18:06 <@  bogdan_vs>| Thanks you all !!

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