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Community -> PublicMeetings -> 30th of September 2015


  • Wednesday, 30th of September 2015, at 15:00 GMT (link here)
  • IRC, #opensips channel on Freenode


OpenSIPS Script rework

Problems to be addressed

There are two types of problems with the current OpenSIPS scripting language, which relate to both its structure and functionality:

  • structural issues - the current grammar is too loose; there is no structuring (like a block for global params, for modules or for routes) and mixing definitions of parameters with loading modules may lead to inconsistent or broken results (i.e. define routes and load the module after that; or load a module and set the mpath after). This kind of problems prevented 2.1 from having its protocol-oriented modules auto-loaded (simply based on listen statements)
  • functionality issues - the routing logic (the actual routes) are too welded to the param/module section and in medium/log term they cannot be separated and handled in different ways (outsourcing the routing logic is something to be considered, according to the "New Design"); Also, the script cannot be reloaded at all, and in production systems, doing a restart only because of minor changes into the routing logic can be painful; In terms of programming/development, the script parser can be improved to automatically support variables in all functions, to support integer parameters, or to also use the exporting mechanism to provide the core functions (the core should do its own export with its functions, rather than having them hardcoded in the grammar).
Proposed solutions

Trying to address the above issues, we suggest as starting points for the Public Meeting two new formats for the configuration script:

1) a simple re-structuring to solve the problems, but trying to keep a similarity with the actual structure. The grammar will enforce three main sections in the cfg file, in a certain order:

  • global parameters section
  • modules section
  • routes section

# script starts with the global param section
debug = 4
log_name = "opensips_proxy.log"
listen =
mpath = "/tmp/test/"

# after global params we have the section dealing with modules
loadmodule [tm] {
   fr_timer = 4
   timer_partitions = 2
loadmodule [avpops] {
   db_url = "mysql://user:passwd@host/database"
   use_domain = 1

# last section is exclusively for routing routes
route {...}
failure_route [resume] {...}
local_route {...}

2) a complete re-structuring to align to a standard config file format, such as the INI format . The entire configuration will be split into two files: a ".ini" file for global parameters, module configuration and routing files, and a second file containing just the routing logic:

Example of "opensips.ini" file

debug = 4
log_name = "oss.log"
listen =
mpath = "/tmp/test/"
routing_file = "./opensips.route"
routing_socket = wss:

fr_timer = 4
timer_partitions = 2

db_url = "mysql://user:passwd@host/database"
use_domain = 1

Example of opensips.route file

route {...}
failure_route [resume] {...}
local_route {...}

Both above formats address the following issues:

  • eliminate any ambiguities by the well structured and simplified section-based format (mixing of logical sections)
  • the routing logic is well separated allowing:
    • to be separately reloaded (while global params and modules section stay untouched)
    • to be replaced with a different language (python, perl, lua, etc)
    • to be removed and grant the routing control to an external entity
  • unifies (from scripting and devel perspective) how the functions provided by core or modules are handled and use

As a side note, we are also taking into consideration a mid/long term feature request which will allow OpenSIPS to delegate its entire routing logic to scripts written in different languages or even to remote applications (via network protocol).


  • Restructuring the config file is definitely needed to support the new features
  • Between the two syntaxes presented, the first (OpenSIPS like) is preferred, since script writers are familiar with it
  • Decoupling settings from the routing script is a good idea
  • In order to reach to a decision, we need the community's input. Therefore we will create a public poll?

IRC Logs

18:02            ---| bogdan_vs has changed the topic to:  OpenSIPS Public Meeting - the script rework
18:02 <@  bogdan_vs>| Hi all
18:02 < FlavioEGonc>| Hi,
18:02 <     razvanc>| we've just come back from the long summer vacation
18:02 <     razvanc>| and now its time for a new public meeting
18:02 <@  bogdan_vs>| indeed...
18:03 <     razvanc>| where we'll discuss some script changes we want to make
18:03 <@  bogdan_vs>| fresh forces, fresh people, fresh ideas ;)
18:04 <@  bogdan_vs>| we posted last week some ideas about these changes
18:04 <@  bogdan_vs>| mainly what are the reasons behind the change and what we are looking to solve with these changes
18:04 <@  bogdan_vs>| and most important, some potential solutions, as a starting point
18:05 <@  bogdan_vs>| http://www.opensips.org/Community/IRCmeeting20150930
18:06 <@  bogdan_vs>| Anyone who read that and willing to contribute to the topic ?
18:06 < FlavioEGonc>| I like the idea of having the core parameters in a separate file. These are usually tied to the server.
18:07 < FlavioEGonc>| It would also interesting to have macro variables in the core file maing the routing script independent of hardware information.
18:08 < FlavioEGonc>| Similar to what we do now with M4
18:09 <     razvanc>| FlavioEGoncalves: so you'd like to see some preprocessor capabilities directly in OpenSIPS?
18:10 < FlavioEGonc>| Yes it should help, and it is indeed perceived as a differential for developers in usability
18:10 <     razvanc>| we've discussed this topic a time ago, and decided we'd better go with M4, since it's a more generic language and offers a lot more features that what we would have added
18:11 < FlavioEGonc>| Anything capable to separate user and harwdare information from the script logic. M4 is good and I use it now, but it is an additional component.
18:12 <     razvanc>| that's true
18:12 <     razvanc>| I find the file separation a very nice feature
18:12 <     razvanc>| although we can do that now
18:12 <     razvanc>| I've never used it that much
18:13 < FlavioEGonc>| Me too, if the ini had some MACRO variables (similar to M4) it could solve the separation problem.
18:14 <     razvanc>| so you were thinking we could define some variables in the global section of the ini file, then use it in the route file?
18:14 <    janthon1>| neteng
18:14 < FlavioEGonc>| Yes, they would be replaced during the script load and read-only.
18:15 < FlavioEGonc>| In summary #define
18:18 <     razvanc>| so reading the two options, I presume you like the second one :)
18:18 <     razvanc>| using the .ini file
18:18 <     razvanc>| .ini syntax
18:20 <     CIDname>| if I may say...
18:20 <@  bogdan_vs>| what about script reloading ?
18:20 <     CIDname>| the ini syntax seems more of a departure
18:20 <@  bogdan_vs>| what is the feeling in regards to such a feature ?
18:20 <     CIDname>| from the current
18:21 <     razvanc>| CIDname: so you'd rather keep something more familiar to what we have?
18:21 <     CIDname>| I would razvan
18:21 <     CIDname>| especially since the object is to make it "simpler"
18:21 <@  bogdan_vs>| indeed, the ini is a radical change, option 2) is more familiar
18:21 <     razvanc>| if we were to choose the 2nd option, we'd actually have two syntaxes
18:21 <     CIDname>| now on the script reloading
18:22 <     CIDname>| you mean... being able to reload just routing section?
18:22 <     razvanc>| CIDname: yes, reloading the entire OpenSIPS would be near impossible
18:22 <  bogdan_vs> | razvanc: true, but gives a better separation between configuration (params) and routing (script)
18:22 <     CIDname>| well we can take example from many other softwares
18:22 <     CIDname>| like fs and *
18:23 <     CIDname>| the ability to reload only certain aspects of the core based on what little things you change is ideal
18:23 <     CIDname>| for instance
18:23 <     CIDname>| we already have something similar for modules
18:23 <     CIDname>| authentication on IP
18:23 <     CIDname>| add to the db
18:23 <     CIDname>| reload the table
18:23 <   vlad-paiu>| the ini structure would be just for the global params & module params. the routing logic would remain intact and in a separate file. this would make it cleaner from my point of view, and you'd also know better what exactly you are reloading, just the routing logic file
18:24 <     CIDname>| from a functionality perspective, I don't disagree at all
18:24 <     CIDname>| it's obvious its a better way
18:24 < FlavioEGonc>| Initially I liked the ini structure, but what's the bennefit?
18:24 <     CIDname>| i'm just pointing out, that there would be complexity added to the end user
18:24 <   vlad-paiu>| CIDname : reloading the script would just be reloading the actual script.. all the loaded data ( eg. permissions, drouting ) would remain untouched
18:25 <     CIDname>| yeah I get that
18:25 <     CIDname>| I was just backing up why I thought it was good
18:25 <     CIDname>| in fs and *
18:25 <     CIDname>| you don't need to do a full reload
18:25 <     CIDname>| only the parts you touched
18:25 <   vlad-paiu>| FlavioEGoncalves : well, it's a standard. and the script would be simpler and easier to read, I think
18:26 < FlavioEGonc>| There is a problem with changes in the format, incompatibility with previous versions and effort to migrate scripts. is it worth changing?
18:26 <     CIDname>| ooo
18:26 <   vlad-paiu>| Instead of loadmodule "tm.so" and modparam("tm", "fr_timeout", 10) you would have just [tm] fr_timeout=10
18:26 <     CIDname>| flavio makes a good point
18:26 <@  bogdan_vs>| File based separation can be done in both options
18:27 <@  bogdan_vs>| CIDname / FlavioEGoncalves : we do not want to make the live harder for users, but we cannot simply sit back and do no progress for the sake of changes-fear
18:27 <     CIDname>| agree 100%
18:28 <     CIDname>| sooner or later radical changes have to be made
18:28 <@  bogdan_vs>| the idea of changes is not something cosmetic
18:28 <     CIDname>| I think if it's well documented
18:28 <@  bogdan_vs>| there are some good reasons leading to that
18:28 <     CIDname>| we would be ok
18:28 <     razvanc>| also, changing the structure was more like a need, to support other features
18:28 <     razvanc>| like auto loading, script reload
18:28 <@  bogdan_vs>| we have those reasons into the wiki page
18:28 <     razvanc>| exactly ^
18:29 <@  bogdan_vs>| CIDname: we can even consider a small translator tool for the scripts
18:29 <@  bogdan_vs>| as it is about syntax only
18:29 <     CIDname>| anything would help bogdan
18:29 <   vlad-paiu>| migrating the script should be trivial, either way we go ( ini or similar to now )
18:29 <@  bogdan_vs>| can be automatically done by a small tool
18:29 <     CIDname>| we just don't want to add another pothole in the road
18:29 <   vlad-paiu>| bogdan_vs : right
18:29 <@  bogdan_vs>| well, the script format proved its limitations....
18:30 < FlavioEGonc>| Ok, if the bennefit is bigger than the effort to migrate it makes sense.
18:30 <     CIDname>| you guys have or are working on a menu config right?
18:30 <     razvanc>| CIDname: vlad-paiu have already done the menuconfig
18:30 <@  bogdan_vs>| we can keep adding shiny piece of glass to it to make it nicer, but the big problems will still be there
18:30 <     CIDname>| if we bundle into that, could be more seemless for the transition
18:31 <     CIDname>| sp I think we all agree and support the change needs and reasons
18:31 <@  bogdan_vs>| at the end of the day, aside aligning the script to the actual needs (for new functionalities), the new grammar will be more friendly with the users
18:32 <     CIDname>| we need to make a commitment to make it as easy on the users as possible
18:33 < FlavioEGonc>| I read the reasons on the wiki page, the reload, other languages and external routing makes sense.
18:34 <@  bogdan_vs>| FlavioEGoncalves: yes, in medium, long term we need to have a better separation between engine and logic (read here  "script")
18:34 <@  bogdan_vs>| in the future, this logic may be outside OpenSIPS
18:34 < FlavioEGonc>| If you are working with menuconfig, please fix the issue in the script generator (no DB_URL in the uri module). The scripts generated don't load.
18:34 <@  bogdan_vs>| you can control your OpenSIPS from other applications, in other languages
18:35 <     CIDname>| don't make me masturbate all over this irc
18:35 <@  bogdan_vs>| FlavioEGoncalves: bug report (y)
18:35 <     CIDname>| thats gonna be so freaking cool
18:35 < FlavioEGonc>| Ok
18:35 <     CIDname>| he went to get an umbrella
18:35 <     CIDname>| lol
18:35 <@  bogdan_vs>| should we make a public poll for the format ?
18:36 <     CIDname>| no
18:36 <     CIDname>| executive decision
18:36 <@  bogdan_vs>| as it is a 100% end-user oriented, which version is considered more friendly should be selected by users
18:36 <@  bogdan_vs>| imho
18:37 <     razvanc>| I think the question would be whether we can make the new structure similar to the current one or not
18:37 <     razvanc>| because if we will introduce a new syntax people will have to learn, we'd better go with .ini, because most people already know it
18:37 <@  bogdan_vs>| option 1) is closer (as format) to the existing one
18:37 <      liviuc>| Flavio: it's already fixed; see this: https://github.com/OpenSIPS/opensips/commit/724d16d99f9ae46c
18:38 <@  bogdan_vs>| liviuc KO to FlavioEGoncalves :)
18:39 <@  bogdan_vs>| razvan: what scares people is not the grammar for setting the param, but rather the actual routing script
18:39 <@  bogdan_vs>| which will stay the same anyhow
18:39 <@  bogdan_vs>| I do not see a problem in migrating from modparam(x,y,z) to y=z
18:39 <@  bogdan_vs>| it is more about comfort and logic
18:40 <@  bogdan_vs>| and as time as we go upwards with them, it should be no resistance from the users
18:40 <     razvanc>| well, I agree
18:40 <     CIDname>| I do too
18:41 <@  bogdan_vs>| the difference between 1) and 2) is more esthetically
18:41 <     CIDname>| option 1 is the closest to normal
18:41 <     CIDname>| I don't think there will be a user that would willingly say.. "hey change it to 2"
18:41 <@  bogdan_vs>| has nothing to do with easiness or simplicity
18:42 <     razvanc>| what I was saying is that I'd rather keep the syntax similar to the routes
18:42 <@  bogdan_vs>| as liviuc said at some point (out of frustration ??) - "let's have them both" :P
18:42 <     CIDname>| well
18:42 <     CIDname>| that would nicely solve the problem :)
18:42 <@  bogdan_vs>| hey....^^^ I'm joking
18:43 <     razvanc>| for example, loadmodule "avpops" {} should be loadmodule[avpops] {}
18:43 <     CIDname>| <blank stare>
18:43 <     razvanc>| consistent with the routes, and so on
18:43 <      liviuc>| that resembles a route statement actually
18:43 <      liviuc>| right
18:43 <@  bogdan_vs>| it may be confusing
18:44 <@  bogdan_vs>| :|
18:44 <      liviuc>| I think 10 different keywords which all end with "_route" should be more confusing
18:44 <      liviuc>| and yet everybody loves OpenSIPS
18:44 <     razvanc>| gg liviuc :D
18:45 <     CIDname>| well played
18:45 <     razvanc>| and it won't be confusing at all if we use different files :)
18:45 <@  bogdan_vs>| ok, but the most important is that we agree in pushing these changes
18:45 <@  bogdan_vs>| unfortunately lirakis couldn;t attend today....
18:46 <@  bogdan_vs>| but he provided some input yesterday on the channel
18:47 <      liviuc>| regarding the people who'd prefer N routing files, we can keep the current "import_file" directive
18:47 <      liviuc>| so they can stick all kinds of files within the main script: global param files, module files, route files
18:48 <      liviuc>| making an additional "routing_file" parameter seems like a burden
18:48 < FlavioEGonc>| Liviu, the import_file has an issue, it is difficult to debug later, because of the numbering.
18:48 <      liviuc>| question is: is it fixable? :)
18:48 <@  bogdan_vs>| <FlavioEGoncalves> :what do you mean ?
18:48 < FlavioEGonc>| I never used but I'm assuming that numbering would be of both files together.
18:48 <      liviuc>| I mean, in Python you can "import" wherever you want!
18:49 < FlavioEGonc>| So error in line 300 wouldn't be in the 300th line of the file, as I said I never used the import directive, but I would like to have a match between the line with the problem and the line of the file.
18:50 <@  bogdan_vs>| line numbering ?
18:50 <@  bogdan_vs>| it should be relative to the file
18:51 <@  bogdan_vs>| ok, so bottom line
18:51 <@  bogdan_vs>| we do the changes (at least we start planning them)
18:51 <@  bogdan_vs>| one by one
18:52 <@  bogdan_vs>| the remaining thing is which format to go for ....
18:52 <      jarrod>| i liked the concept of repl for show commands (fifo) and changing configuration parameters similar to junipers junos
18:52 <@  bogdan_vs>| for the globals ?
18:53 <     razvanc>| jarrod: are you talking about something like osipsconsole?
18:53 <      jarrod>| honestly ive never used it, but could be
18:53 <@  bogdan_vs>| that's why, internally, we will migrate all the global params to something similar the modules have (a structure)
18:54 <     razvanc>| that would be nice :)
18:55 <     CIDname>| for syntax I would say we choose 1
18:56 <     CIDname>| assuming there are no future limitation that we would encounter
18:56 <     razvanc>| bogdan_vs: are you thinking about whether we should put the global parameters in the file in a different section, or use it as it is in the example?
18:57 <  bogdan_vs> | razvanc: it is not about the script, but rather in the code - instead of hardcoding and having all the params in grammar, we can have something dynamic as for the param modules
18:57 <     razvanc>| bogdan_vs: that's what I said it would be nice
18:57 <@  bogdan_vs>| so you do not have to change grammar (and 5 files) each time a core param is added or removed
18:57 <     razvanc>| :D
18:57 <     razvanc>| but I was now asking about the script file
18:57 <     razvanc>| in section 1
18:57 <@  bogdan_vs>| oh...
18:58 <     razvanc>| should we use a global section for the core parameters?
18:58 <@  bogdan_vs>| maybe leaving without block
18:58 <@  bogdan_vs>| that would be my first love impression :)
18:59 <     razvanc>| I bet its me, I like everything to be consistent :)
18:59 <     CIDname>| bet you wash your hands like 25 times a day too
18:59 <@  bogdan_vs>| I would suggest to make a poll to see what versions (1 versus 2) is more liked by users
19:00 <     razvanc>| CIDname: 27 to be precise :)
19:00 <     CIDname>| LMAO!
19:00 <@  bogdan_vs>| it may provide useful info for making a final decision
19:00 <     CIDname>| ok lets do the poll
19:00 <     CIDname>| so we can verify that I'm right ;)
19:00 <     razvanc>| bogdan_vs: I agree, this should be the community's decision
19:01 <@  bogdan_vs>| decision or not, but it can be valuable info :)
19:01 <     razvanc>| yup
19:01 <     CIDname>| I would leave out as to "why" we're doing it
19:01 <@  bogdan_vs>| right
19:01 <     CIDname>| well the long description of why
19:02 <@  bogdan_vs>| that was in the Today's menu
19:02 <     razvanc>| yup, we'll follow up on the mainling list with a poll
19:02 < FlavioEGonc>| I like the idea of having blocks such as [global] it is easier to understand and more compact.
19:03 <@  bogdan_vs>| ok, we will re-work the 2 examples, based on what was discussed here
19:04 <      liviuc>| I was initially against global { ... }. Now I'm starting to like it
19:04 <@  bogdan_vs>| and we will follow up with an email on the lists, inviting people to the poll (even if a pool will be better)
19:04 <     razvanc>| yup, we'll sum up everything we discussed, and perhaps propose a third version in the poll
19:04 < FlavioEGonc>| Ok,
19:05 <@  bogdan_vs>| ok, anything else left to be said ?
19:05 <      liviuc>| Also, we really need to look into the line numbering issue for import/include directives
19:06 <@  bogdan_vs>| liviuc: open a bug report ;)
19:06 < FlavioEGonc>| It is not a bug,
19:06 < FlavioEGonc>| Just an inconvenient
19:07 <@  bogdan_vs>| a fuzzy difference :)
19:07 <     CIDname>| bugs can be invonceniences
19:07 <     razvanc>| FlavioEGoncalves: if you can't match the file+line with the exact location, I think it is a bug
19:07 <     CIDname>| i'm dyslexic
19:07 < FlavioEGonc>| Ok, Ok,
19:08 <     CIDname>| your inconvenince has just been upgraded
19:08 <     razvanc>| :D
19:08 <@  bogdan_vs>| ok, I guess we are done for today
19:08 <     CIDname>| noooooooo
19:08 <     CIDname>| let's stay and party!
19:09 <     CIDname>| sigh
19:09 <     CIDname>| everyone has work to do it seems
19:09 <@  bogdan_vs>| CIDname - you bring booz and girls ;)
19:09 <     razvanc>| :))
19:09 <     CIDname>| man it wouldn't be a party without hookers & beer
19:09 <@  bogdan_vs>| thank you for participating and especially for the valuable input to the topic
19:09 <     razvanc>| I guess I'll have to strip this conversation from the meeting's summary :)
19:09 <@  bogdan_vs>| and keep your eyes on the follow ups ;)
19:10 <     CIDname>| razvan: why?
19:10 <@  bogdan_vs>| btw, keep an eye on the OpenSIPS week in Austin !
19:10 <     razvanc>| let's say they do not allign with today meeting's topic
19:10 <     CIDname>| that's right!
19:11 <     CIDname>| who's coming to Austin?!
19:11 <@  bogdan_vs>| we have a Summit planned for the beginning of November
19:11 <     CIDname>| I'll have hookers & beer
19:11 <     CIDname>| raz: (seeing you're editing anyway) lmao
19:11 < FlavioEGonc>| I'll be there.
19:11 <       tuxx->| hookers & beer in austin?
19:11 <       tuxx->| when? :D
19:11 <@  bogdan_vs>| and the first in-class Bootcamp - 3 days of Advanced OpenSIPS
19:12 <@  bogdan_vs>| who gets the OpenSIPS certification -> hookers & beer in austin :)
19:12 <     CIDname>| Nov 9 & 10th is the summit
19:12 <     CIDname>| and 11- 13 an advanced hookers & beer class
19:12 <     CIDname>| errr I mean advanced opensips training
19:12 <       tuxx->| :D
19:12 <     CIDname>| Seriously though...
19:13 <     CIDname>| this will be the best summit ever
19:13 <     CIDname>| cool town
19:13 <     CIDname>| cool speakers
19:13 <     CIDname>| cool topics
19:13 <     CIDname>| http://www.opensips.org/Community/Summit-2015Austin
19:13            ---| bogdan_vs has changed the topic to: OpenSIPS Week - Summit & Training - 9th - 13th of November, Austin, TX

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