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Community -> VoIP service


OpenSIPS project provides a completely free VoIP service for the community and not only. This service is based on a residential -like platform provided by OpenSIPS Solutions company.

You can self-register to get an opensips.org SIP address and to place VoIP call in any SIP network.

Registration link : http://www.opensips.org/account/reg/index.php

Login link : http://www.opensips.org/account/index.php

The OpenSIPS VoIP services was created for several reasons:

  • to allow new people to experience OpenSIPS based services - what OpenSIPS has to offer
  • to have a wide open testing platform - OpenSIPS trunk is run by this service
  • to allow easy communication between people around the project


The OpenSIPS VoIP Service is completely open service - calls from outside the domain or call going outside the "opensips.org" domain are allowed.


  • aliases
  • speeddial
  • DND service
  • anonymous and anonymous blocking
  • click to call from web interface

Call forwarding (on server)

  • permanent forward
  • forward on not registered
  • forward on timeout (not available)
  • forward on busy

Call filtering

  • inbound and outbound call filtering
  • white/black lists approach
  • reg exp based filtering


  • end-2-end messaging
  • message storing on server if off-line
  • read/delete off-line messages from web.


  • presence server
  • XCAP support (optional)
  • view presence status via web interface


  • click to call from web interface
  • IM from web interface
  • search users in white pages


  • incoming call records
  • outgoing call records
  • missed call records


Shortly, Media service (conferencing and voicemail) will be added to the service.

Page last modified on April 24, 2013, at 07:19 PM