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Download OpenSIPS v1.11

There are multiple options when it comes to downloading OpenSIPS 1.11 :

1.  Release files from WEB site

Tarballs with sources of the 1.11 release may be downloaded directly from the project web site:


Also, we have nightly builds of tar archives, which are extracted from the latest 1.11.x branch. In order to download the nightly build, go to


and download the file with the -svn[REV] suffix.

2.  Tarballs from SourceForge

The same release files we have on the website are also hosted on the SourceForge download area - it is advisable to use it as geographical mirrors are available for a faster download:


3.  GIT download

GitHUB hosts the main repository for OpenSIPS. In order to checkout the latest version of OpenSIPS 1.11 you can run :

   # git clone -b 1.11 https://github.com/OpenSIPS/opensips.git opensips_1_11 

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