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Documentation -> Migration -> Migration from 1.10.x to 1.11.0

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  1. 1. DB migration
  2. 2. Script migration

This section is meant to provide useful help in migrating your OpenSIPS installations from the 1.10 version to 1.11.

You can find the all the new additions in the 1.11.0 release compiled under this page. The changelog may help your understanding of the migration / update process.

1.  DB migration

You can migrate your 1.10.x MySQL DB to the 1.11.0 format by using the opensipsdbctl tool :

   # opensipsdbctl migrate opensips_1_10 opensips_1_11
   # osipsconsole 
   > migrate opensips_1_10 opensips_1_11
   > quit

where :

  • opensips_1_10 is the existing DB name corresponding to version 1.10.x format
  • opensips_1_11 is the DB name to be created for 1.11 format


  • the old database will not be deleted, altered or changed - it will not be touched at all
  • new database will be created and data from old DB will be imported into it

NOTE that the migration tool is available only for MYSQL databases!

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2.  Script migration

  • timeout_avp parameter from the dialog module was removed. Functionality was kept via the new $DLG_timeout variable, which is R/W, and can be set an any time ( before matching the dialog or at any time after )
  • gw_attrs_avp , rule_attrs_avp , carrier_attrs_avp parameters from the drouting module were removed. Now the script writer can provide pseudovariables ( AVPs, regular vars, etc ) when calling the do_routing()/use_next_gw() functions, where the appropriate attrs will get populated. All parameters are optional. Any of them may be ignored,provided the necessary separation marks "," are properly placed.
  • set_rtp_proxy_set() function and rtpp_sock_pvar parameter from rtpproxy module were removed. The script writer can now pass all the info ( the RTPProxy set to be used as well as a PVAR to store the actual RTPProxy used for the call ) directly when calling the rtpproxy_offer() / rtpproxy_answer() etc type functions
  • fr_timer_avp and fr_inv_timer_avp parameters from the TM module were removed. New $T_fr_timeout and $T_fr_inv_timeout exported pseudovariables have been added as a drop-in replacement.
  • attrs_pvar parameter from the dialplan module was removed. The script writer can now pass a pseudovariable to be populated with the diaplan rule attrs when calling dp_translate()

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