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Documentation -> Migration -> Migration from 1.8.x to 1.9.0

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  1. 1. DB migration
  2. 2. Script migration

This section is to provide useful help in migrating your OpenSIPS installations from the 1.8 branch to the 1.9 branch.

You can find the all the new additions in 1.9.0 release compiled under this page. Overviewing it may help you understanding the migration / update process.

1.  DB migration

You can migrate your 1.8.x DB to the 1.9.0 format by using the opensipsdbctl tool :

   # opensipsdbctl migrate opensips_1_8 opensips_1_9
   # osipsconsole 
   > migrate opensips_1_8 opensips_1_9
   > quit

where :

  • opensips_1_8 is the existing DB name corresponding to version 1.8.x format
  • opensips_1_9 is the DB name to be created for 1.9 format


  • the old database will not be deleted, altered or changed - it will not be touched at all
  • new database will be created and data from old DB will be imported into it


  • Due to the latest changes in the RTPProxy module, the nh_sockets table has been renamed to rtpproxy_sockets.


  • Due to some improvements in the Dialplan module, the match_len column that was specifying the length of the match column has been removed. Also, a new column, named match_flags, has been added to indicate whether the pattern matching should be done case sensitive or insensitive. The default value is 0 - case sensitive).

NOTE that the migration tool is available only for MYSQL databases!

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2.  Script migration

  • The match_len_col parameter from the DIALPLAN was removed and is considered obsolete. The length of the matching expression can be directly computed by OpenSIPS, so no need for it to be explicitly declared in the Database.
  • The old perlvdb module was renamed to DB_PERLVDB in order to respect the database modules naming convention.
  • 1.9 supports named flags instead of just Integer flags. The migration to named flags affects all flag related functions and the module parameters used for defining flags (like flag to enable sip tracing, etc). This change is 100% backward compatible, but you will get some warning about deprecation of the ID based flags.
  • parameters db_url and xcap_table from xcap_client modules moved to xcap module, with same name, meaning and functionality.
  • Flag pseudo-variables $mF, $sF, $bF have been removed, and $mf, $sf, $bf are now Read-Only

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