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Modules v2.1

Module nameDescriptionStatus
AAA_RADIUSRADIUS backend for the AAA APIstable
ACCAccounting modulestable
ALIAS_DBDatabase SIP aliases modulestable
AUTHAuthentication Framework modulestable
AUTH_AAAAAA-backend authentication modulestable
AUTH_DBDatabase-backend authentication modulestable
AVPOPSAVP operation modulestable
BENCHMARKConfig file benchmarkingstable
B2B_ENTITIESBack-to-Back User Agent Entitiesstable
B2B_LOGICBack-to-Back User Agent Logicstable
B2B_SCABack-to-Back Shared Call Appearancebeta
CACHEDB_CASSANDRACassandra Implementation of CacheDBbeta
CACHEDB_COUCHBASECouchBase Implementation of CacheDBbeta
CACHEDB_LOCALLocal Implementation of CacheDBstable
CACHEDB_MEMCACHEDMemcached Implementation of CacheDBstable
CACHEDB_MONGODBMongoDB Implementation of CacheDBbeta
CACHEDB_REDISRedis Implementation of CacheDBbeta
CACHEDB_SQLSQL-based Implementation of CacheDBbeta
CALL CENTERInbound call center systembeta
CALL CONTROLPrePaid application modulebeta
CARRIERROUTErouting extension suitable for carriersalpha
CFGUTILSDifferent config utilitiesstable
COMPRESSIONMessage compression and compactionalpha
CPL-CCPL interpreter modulestable
DB_BERKELEYBerkeley DB driver for DB APIstable
DB_CACHEDBSQL to CacheDB translatorbeta
DB_FLATSTOREFast writing-only text-backend for database modulestable
DB_HTTPHTTP-backend for DB APIbeta
DB_MYSQLMYSQL-backend for database API modulestable
DB_ORACLEORACLE-backend for database API modulebeta
DB_PERLVDBPerl Virtual Database enginestable
DB_POSTGRESPOSTGRES-backend for database API modulestable
DB_TEXTText-backend for database API modulestable
DB_UNIXODBCunixODBC driver modulestable
DB_VIRTUALMiddle-layer DB mixerstable
DIALOGDialog support modulestable
DIALPLANDialplan managementstable
DISPATCHERDispatcher modulestable
DIVERSIONDiversion header insertion modulestable
DNS_CACHEModule for caching DNS records that can be used with any Key-Value back-endstable
DOMAINMulti-domain support modulestable
DOMAINPOLICYPolicies to connect federationsbeta
DROUTINGDynamic Routing / LCRstable
EMERGENCYEmergency modulealpha
ENUMENUM lookup modulestable
EXECExternal exec modulestable
EVENT_DATAGRAMEvent datagram modulestable
EVENT_ROUTERoute triggering based on eventsbeta
EVENT_RABBITMQEvent RabbitMQ client modulestable
EVENT_XMLRPCEvent XMLRPC client modulebeta
FRAUD_DETECTIONDetects fraudulent callsbeta / NEW
GFLAGSGlobal shared flags modulestable
GROUPUser-groups module with DB-backendstable
H350H350 implementationstable
HTTPDEmbedded HTTP serverstable
IDENTITYSIP Identity implementationstable
IMCInstant Messaging Conferencing modulestable
JABBERJABBER IM and PRESENCE interconnection modulebeta
JSONJSON packing functionstable
LDAPLDAP connectorstable
LOAD_BALANCERLoad Balancer (for calls) modulestable
LUACall LUA scripts from OpenSIPS cfgbeta
MANGLERSIP mangler modulestable
MATHOPSMath operations modulebeta
MAXFWDMax-Forward processor modulestable
MI_DATAGRAMDATAGRAM (unix and network) support for Management Interfacestable
MI_FIFOFIFO support for Management Interfacestable
MI_HTTPHTTP support for Management Interfacestable
MI_JSONJSON support via HTTP GET for Management Interfacebeta
MI_XMLRPC_NGXMLRPC support for Management Interfacebeta
MEDIAPROXYNAT traversal modulestable
MMGEOIPMaxMind GeoIP modulestable
MSILOSIP message silo modulestable
NAT_TRAVERSALNAT traversal modulestable
NATHELPERNAT traversal helper modulestable
OPTIONSOPTIONS server replier modulestable
OSPOSP peering modulestable
PATHPath support for SIP frontendingstable
PDTPrefix-to-Domain translator modulestable
PEERINGRadius peering modulealpha
PERLembed execution of Perl functionstable
PERMISSIONSPermissions control modulestable
PI_HTTPProvisioning Interface modulestable
PIKEFlood detector modulestable
PRESENCEPresence server module - common APIstable
PRESENCE_CALLINFOExtension to Presence server for Call-Infostable
PRESENCE_DIALOGINFOExtension to Presence server for Dialog Infostable
PRESENCE_MWIExtension to Presence server for Message Waiting Indicationstable
PRESENCE_XCAPDIFFExtension to Presence server for XCAP-DIFF eventstable
PRESENCE_XMLPresence server module - presence & watcher info and XCAPstable
PROTO_SCTPSCTP protocol module - implements SCTP transport for SIPbeta
PROTO_TCPTCP protocol module - implements TCP-plain transport for SIPstable
PROTO_TLSTLS protocol module - implements TLS transport for SIPstable
PROTO_UDPUDP protocol module - implements UDP-plain transport for SIPstable
PROTO_WSWebSocket protocol module - implements WS transport for SIPbeta / NEW
PUACommon API for presence user agent clientstable
PUA_BLABLA extension for PUAstable
PUA_DIALOGINFODialog-Info extension for PUAstable
PUA_MIMI extension for PUAstable
PUA_USRLOCUSRLOC extension for PUAstable
PUA_XMPPXMPP extension for PUA (SIMPLE-XMPP presence gateway)stable
PYTHONPython scripting supportbeta
QOSQOS (RTP) modulebeta
RATELIMITSIP traffic shaping modulestable
REGEXRegExp via PCRE librarystable
REGISTRARSIP Registrar implementation modulestable
REST_CLIENTImplementation of an HTTP clientbeta
RLSResource List Server implementationstable
RRRecord-Route and Route modulestable
RTPENGINEConnector to RTPengine external RTP relaybeta / NEW
RTPPROXYConnector to RTPproxy external RTP relaystable
SCRIPT_HELPEREmbedded SIP routing logic and dialog managementbeta
SEASSip Express Application Server (interface module)stable
SIGNALINGSIP signaling modulestable
SIPCAPTURESipCapture modulestable
SIPMSGOPSSIP operations modulestable
SIPTRACESipTrace modulestable
SLStateless replier modulestable
SMSSIP-to-SMS IM gateway modulestable
SNGTCVoice Transcoding in OpenSIPS using Sangoma hardwarebeta
SNMPStatsSNMP interface for statistics modulestable
SPEEDDIALPer-user speed-dial controller modulestable
STATISTICSScript statistics supportstable
SSTSIP Session Timer supportstable
STUNBuilt-in STUN serverstable
TEXTOPSText operations modulestable
TMTransaction (stateful) modulestable
TOPOLOGY_HIDINGProvides Topology Hiding capabilitiesbeta / NEW
UACUAC functionalies (FROM mangling and UAC auth)stable
UAC_AUTHUAC Authentication functionalitystable
UAC_REDIRECTUAC redirection functionalitystable
UAC_REGISTRANTSIP Registrant implementation modulestable
URIGeneric URI operation modulestable
USERBLACKLISTUser black/white listingstable
USRLOCUser location implementation modulestable
XCAP_CLIENTXCAP client implementationstable
XCAPXCAP API providerbeta
XMPPSIP-to-XMPP Gateway (SIP to Jabber/Google Talk)stable
Obsolete Modules
Module nameDescriptionStatus
AUTH_DIAMETERDIAMETER-backend authentication moduleunmaintained
CLOSEDDIALPBX-like dialling featuresunmaintained / stable
MI_XMLRPCXMLRPC support for Management Interfaceunmaintained / stable

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