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  1. 1. Tutorial Scope
  2. 2. Webinar Recording

1.  Tutorial Scope

The tutorial will guide you through the process of doing a quick installation of OpenSIPS ( downloading sources, compiling, installing, etc ) and OpenSIPS Control Panel ( installing, provisioning users ), and will show you what you have to do in order to get a fully functional platform in a matter of minutes.

The tutorial focuses on the latest release of OpenSIPS and the newly added menuconfig tool. This is a graphical tool that allows in an easy way to configure, compile and generate OpenSIPS configuration files - all by simply running make menuconfig

The tutorial will take you through the steps needed for downloading OpenSIPS sources and then compiling & installing OpenSIPS. You'll see how to generate the OpenSIPS database, and also how to generate a working configuration file based on your desired functionalities. For the OpenSIPS-CP part, you will see how to download the OpenSIPS-CP sources and install all the needed dependencies. After that, we will configure the OpenSIPS-CP to give it access to the DB, and also configure it so it can comunicate with the OpenSIPS server, via the MI interface.

2.  Webinar Recording

Download the Webinar Recording : MP4, 116M

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