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Modules v3.0

Module nameDescriptionStatus
AAA_RADIUSRADIUS backend for the AAA APIstable
ACCAccounting modulestable
ALIAS_DBDatabase SIP aliases modulestable
AUTHAuthentication Framework modulestable
AUTH_AAAAAA-backend authentication modulestable
AUTH_DBDatabase-backend authentication modulestable
AVPOPSAVP operation modulestable
B2B_ENTITIESBack-to-Back User Agent Entitiesstable
B2B_LOGICBack-to-Back User Agent Logicstable
B2B_SCABack-to-Back Shared Call Appearancestable
BENCHMARKConfig file benchmarkingstable
CACHEDB_CASSANDRACassandra Implementation of CacheDBstable
CACHEDB_COUCHBASECouchBase Implementation of CacheDBstable
CACHEDB_LOCALLocal Implementation of CacheDBstable
CACHEDB_MEMCACHEDMemcached Implementation of CacheDBstable
CACHEDB_MONGODBMongoDB Implementation of CacheDBstable
CACHEDB_REDISRedis Implementation of CacheDBstable
CACHEDB_SQLSQL-based Implementation of CacheDBstable
CALL CENTERInbound call center systemstable
CALL CONTROLPrePaid application modulestable
CARRIERROUTErouting extension suitable for carriersstable
CFGUTILSDifferent config utilitiesstable
CGRATESConnector to the CGRateS billing enginestable
CLUSTERERDefine and configure an OpenSIPS clusterbeta
COMPRESSIONMessage compression and compactionstable
CPL_CCPL interpreter modulestable
DB_BERKELEYBerkeley DB driver for DB APIstable
DB_CACHEDBSQL to CacheDB translatorstable
DB_FLATSTOREFast writing-only text-backend for database modulestable
DB_HTTPHTTP-backend for DB APIstable
DB_MYSQLMYSQL-backend for database API modulestable
DB_ORACLEORACLE-backend for database API modulestable
DB_PERLVDBPerl Virtual Database enginestable
DB_POSTGRESPOSTGRES-backend for database API modulestable
DB_SQLITESQLITE3-backend for database API modulebeta
DB_TEXTText-backend for database API modulestable
DB_UNIXODBCunixODBC driver modulestable
DB_VIRTUALMiddle-layer DB mixerstable
DIALOGDialog support modulestable
DIALPLANDialplan managementstable
DISPATCHERDispatcher modulestable
DIVERSIONDiversion header insertion modulestable
DNS_CACHEModule for caching DNS records that can be used with any Key-Value back-endstable
DOMAINMulti-domain support modulestable
DOMAINPOLICYPolicies to connect federationsstable
DROUTINGDynamic Routing / LCRstable
EMERGENCYEmergency modulebeta
ENUMENUM lookup modulestable
EVENT_DATAGRAMEvent datagram modulestable
EVENT_FLATSTOREText/File backend for eventsstable
EVENT_JSONRPCSends events using JSON-RPC commandbeta
EVENT_ROUTERoute triggering based on eventsstable
EVENT_ROUTINGEvent-based routingstable
EVENT_RABBITMQEvent RabbitMQ client modulestable
EVENT_VIRTUALAggregator of event backends (failover & balancing)stable
EVENT_XMLRPCEvent XMLRPC client modulestable
EXECExternal exec modulestable
FRAUD_DETECTIONDetects fraudulent callsbeta
FREESWITCHFreeSWITCH ESL connection managerbeta
FREESWITCH_SCRIPTINGFreeSWITCH events & commands at OpenSIPS script levelbeta
GFLAGSGlobal shared flags modulestable
GROUPUser-groups module with DB-backendstable
H350H350 implementationstable
HTTPDEmbedded HTTP serverstable
IDENTITYSIP Identity implementationstable
IMCInstant Messaging Conferencing modulestable
JABBERJABBER IM and PRESENCE interconnection modulebeta
JSONJSON packing functionstable
JSONRPCExecute JSON-RPC commandsbeta
LDAPLDAP connectorstable
LOAD_BALANCERLoad Balancer (for calls) modulestable
LUACall LUA scripts from OpenSIPS cfgbeta
MANGLERSIP mangler modulestable
MATHOPSMath operations modulestable
MAXFWDMax-Forward processor modulestable
MEDIAPROXYNAT traversal modulestable
MI_DATAGRAMDATAGRAM (unix and network) support for Management Interfacestable
MID_REGISTRARSIP registration front-end with traffic throttlingbeta
MI_FIFOFIFO support for Management Interfacestable
MI_HTTPHTTP support for Management Interfacestable
MI_JSONJSON support via HTTP GET for Management Interfacestable
MI_XMLRPC_NGXMLRPC support for Management Interfacestable
MMGEOIPMaxMind GeoIP modulestable
MSILOSIP message silo modulestable
NAT_TRAVERSALNAT traversal modulestable
NATHELPERNAT traversal helper modulestable
OPTIONSOPTIONS server replier modulestable
OSPOSP peering modulestable
PATHPath support for SIP frontendingstable
PEERINGRadius peering modulestable
PERLembed execution of Perl functionstable
PERMISSIONSPermissions control modulestable
PI_HTTPProvisioning Interface modulestable
PIKEFlood detector modulestable
PRESENCEPresence server module - common APIstable
PRESENCE_CALLINFOExtension to Presence server for Call-Infostable
PRESENCE_DIALOGINFOExtension to Presence server for Dialog Infostable
PRESENCE_MWIExtension to Presence server for Message Waiting Indicationstable
PRESENCE_XCAPDIFFExtension to Presence server for XCAP-DIFF eventstable
PRESENCE_XMLPresence server module - presence & watcher info and XCAPstable
PROTO_BINBinary INterface protocol module - implements inter-OPENSIPS communicationstable
PROTO_HEPHEP protocol module - implements HEP transport for SIPstable
PROTO_SCTPSCTP protocol module - implements SCTP transport for SIPstable
PROTO_TCPTCP protocol module - implements TCP-plain transport for SIPstable
PROTO_TLSTLS protocol module - implements TLS transport for SIPstable
PROTO_UDPUDP protocol module - implements UDP-plain transport for SIPstable
PROTO_WSWebSocket protocol module - implements WS transport for SIPstable
PROTO_WSSWebSocket Secure protocol module - implements WSS transport for SIPstable
PUACommon API for presence user agent clientstable
PUA_BLABLA extension for PUAstable
PUA_DIALOGINFODialog-Info extension for PUAstable
PUA_MIMI extension for PUAstable
PUA_USRLOCUSRLOC extension for PUAstable
PUA_XMPPXMPP extension for PUA (SIMPLE-XMPP presence gateway)stable
PYTHONPython scripting supportstable
QOSQOS (RTP) modulestable
RABBITMQConnector to a RabbitMQ message brokerstable
RATELIMITSIP traffic shaping modulestable
REGEXRegExp via PCRE librarystable
REGISTRARSIP Registrar implementation modulestable
REST_CLIENTImplementation of an HTTP clientstable
RLSResource List Server implementationstable
RRRecord-Route and Route modulestable
RTPENGINEConnector to RTPengine external RTP relaystable
RTPPROXYConnector to RTPproxy external RTP relaystable
SCRIPT_HELPEREmbedded SIP routing logic and dialog managementstable
SEASSip Express Application Server (interface module)stable
SIGNALINGSIP signaling modulestable
SIPCAPTURESipCapture modulestable
SIPRECSIP Recording modulebeta
SIP-IISUP manipulation modulestable
SIPMSGOPSSIP operations modulestable
SIPTRACESipTrace modulestable
SLStateless replier modulestable
SMSSIP-to-SMS IM gateway modulestable
SNGTCVoice Transcoding in OpenSIPS using Sangoma hardwarestable
SNMPStatsSNMP interface for statistics modulestable
SPEEDDIALPer-user speed-dial controller modulestable
SQL_CACHERSQL Caching modulestable
SSTSIP Session Timer supportstable
STATISTICSScript statistics supportstable
STUNBuilt-in STUN serverstable
TEXTOPSText operations modulestable
TLS_MGMTLS management modulestable
TMTransaction (stateful) modulestable
TOPOLOGY_HIDINGProvides Topology Hiding capabilitiesstable
UACUAC functionalies (FROM mangling and UAC auth)stable
UAC_AUTHUAC Authentication functionalitystable
UAC_REDIRECTUAC redirection functionalitystable
UAC_REGISTRANTSIP Registrant implementation modulestable
URIGeneric URI operation modulestable
USERBLACKLISTUser black/white listingstable
USRLOCUser location implementation modulestable
XCAPXCAP API providerstable
XCAP_CLIENTXCAP client implementationstable
XMLManipulate XML documents in OpenSIPS scriptstable
XMPPSIP-to-XMPP Gateway (SIP to Jabber/Google Talk)stable
Obsolete Modules
Module nameDescriptionStatus
AUTH_DIAMETERDIAMETER-backend authentication moduleunmaintained
CLOSEDDIALPBX-like dialling featuresunmaintained
MI_XMLRPCXMLRPC support for Management Interfaceunmaintained
PDTPrefix-to-Domain translator moduleunmaintained

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